Some whale sharks are probably with the manta rays one of the species that all divers want to see at least once in their life. This huge fish (the biggest in the world) is splendid and fascinating, and yet we know very little about him. Find here cool info on whale sharks.


  1. The biggest fish in the world
  2. They feed on microorganisms
  3. They live very long
  4. Their fingerprints
  5. They are not whales
  6. Man is their main predator
  7. They lay 300 eggs
  8. They don't move fast
  9. They don't sleep
  10. They have 300 teeth

1. The biggest fish in the world!


What is the biggest fish in the world?

  • The largest underwater species is of course the blue whalebut it's a mammal!
  • The whale shark is classified in the category of fish, which makes it the biggest fish in the world!
  • Maximum size of a whale shark? 14 m.
  • Average size of a whale shark? 6 to 10 m.
  • Size of a whale shark at birth? 50 to 80 cm.


2. Whale sharks feed on microorganisms!

What do whale sharks eat?

  • One might think that with its huge size, a shark requin-baleine-tanzaniewhale would be carnivorous and eat all kinds of big fish, well no, they eat microorganisms!
  • They filter the water and eat mostly planktonbut also other microorganisms such as krill (tiny shrimps), small fish, octopus, shellfish

3. Whale sharks live very long!

How long does a whale shark live?


  • It is difficult for scientists to have a precise number, but they estimate its lifespan at around 100-150 years old.
  • The maximum recorded is 70 years.

4. Whale sharks have fingerprints!

Requin baleine

How do you recognize whale sharks?

  • Some white dots and lines that they possess on the top of their bodies are unique for each individual !
  • Scientists define them as their fingerprintsThis is what allows them to differentiate them during their studies.

5. The whale shark is a shark, not a whale!

Where does the name "whale shark" come from?


  • Even if they do not look like the ones we usually see, whale sharks belong to the category of sharks, because of their cartilage skeleton.
  • The second part is simpler, "whale", in relation to their size !

6. Man is their main predator…

Requin baleine

Are whale sharks an endangered species?

  • Their natural predators are not numerous (given their size ...): mostly orcas, but also big opportunistic sharks attacking mainly the youngest or the injured.
  • Man has become their main predator ...
  • They have been declared threatened species since 1990.

7. Whale sharks lay around 300 eggs!


How many eggs do whale sharks lay?

  • Whale sharks are oviparous (the eggs are carried in the mother's uterus until they hatch and the young are expelled).
  • They reach their sexual majority only around 30 years old.
  • A female will lay about 300 eggs per litter and only a very low rate will survive ...

8. Whale sharks move at 5 km / h!

How fast do whale sharks swim?


  • These are not not the fastest fish of the world because they do not need it!
    • They do not hunt (their main food is plankton), so no need to move quickly to catch it !
    • they have very few predators, so no need to run away very often !
  • They move to a maximum speed of 5 km / h in using their whole body to move forward.
  • That does not stop them from to travel thousands of kilometers during their migration !!

9. Whale sharks never sleep!

Do whale sharks sleep?


  • Whale sharks must constantly to be in motion so that the water goes through their gills and the feeds oxygen.
  • They never sleep, but they are resting !
  • In addition to the normal "active" mode, they have a "passive" mode ("Sleep swimming" in English) during which some parts of their brains are "paused"but they still continue to swim.

10. Whale sharks have 300 teeth!

Do whale sharks have teeth?

  • Although they do not use them to eat requin-baleine-bouche-ouverte-sans-dent(they feed mainly on plankton and other microorganisms), they possess about 300 rows of teeth!
  • Scientists still have not found tangible explanations ...

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