If you are looking for where pass your divemaster, chances are you will come across theIndonesia. Many people choose to make their divemaster in the gili islands, that's what I did, so I can tell you about it! 5 years later and having traveled a lot, I still think it's one of the best places to do your divemaster

I did my divemaster in the Gili islands in Indonesia, more precisely on Gili Air (the Gili is 3 islands, with 3 different atmospheres), with Gili Air Divers, a center run by a Frenchman.

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  • For the little story, I had just resigned from my job (10 years as a sales manager) and to separate from my ex at the same time (pure coincidence).
  • Since I discovered diving in 2011, I spent all my holidays diving, so I said to myself, why not become a commercial in diving?
  • So I went to the Paris diving show (every year in early January) hoping to find an opportunity to work in diving.
  • And then, I met "Bibi" from Gili Air Divers, I learned what a divemaster was and how to do it without paying training fees ...
  • So I told myself, and why not! I do this for 3 months, I dive free every day and then after we'll see ...
  • 1 year later, I became a diving instructor ...
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The Gili Islands in Indonesia


  • The Gili Islands are very well known and have become a must for a trip to Indonesia or even in Southeast Asia.
  • So we meet people from all over the world every daymainly European, but also Canadian, Australian, Israeli ...

The Gilis is 3 islands, 3 atmospheres.

  • Gili Trawangan (Gili T)It's the island of young people, fighters, the island to party.
  • Gili MenoIt is a calm island, rather with resorts, there is not much to do.
  • Gili Airit is the island relax, neither too festive nor too calm.

Gili Air: Relaxed atmosphere


  • The atmosphere is great at Gili Air!
  • No car, no noise, relaxed atmosphere, you want to party, you can, you do not want, you can sit at the bar and chat quietly (unlike Gili Trawangan for example).
  • The end of the day often happens at the dive center to drink a beer with instructors, other DMTs and divers  (view the photo) ! Or at the bar, which is 20m away ...

Housing and cost of living


  • The cost of living is cheap in Indonesia. You will not have a hard time finding a room or a small house in rent monthly on Gili Air for 120 to 180 € / month.
  • I started with a room at 120 € / month, then I found a small house with fridge and large garden for 130 € / month. If you want a house with full kitchen, it will take more than 150-200 € / month.
  • You can also roommate and share a larger house with kitchen.
  • The food is not very expensive: we eat for 1 € if you want, and otherwise 2 to 4 €.
#Gili Air #Divemaster free #Gili air diver #Diving with #After his #My diving review


Divemaster training in internship 3 months = only the SSI fees to pay!

  • I spent my divemaster in 3 months on Gili Air at Gili air divers.
  • I worked every day without a day off.
  • I only paid the SSI fees (around 300 €).


  • Now that I’m an instructor and I’m teaching training, I realize that I did not have the same quality of training as if I had paid. 
  • Mainly because your instructor will not be paid for your training, therefore necessarily it will not give you the same attention that a course for which he is paid is human… 
  • So beware, do this kind of training only if you are light in finance, otherwise, I really recommend that you pay for your training, especially if you want to continue diving and become an instructor.

The divemaster with Gili Air Divers


  • Engagement with Gili Air Divers is of work in training for them for 3 months and he offers us training. The only thing to pay are the SSI fees, of the order of 200$: access to the SSI course + teaching aids + registration fees.
  • It really is a win-win exchange.
  • In all cases, the internship is for me the best way to do your divemaster (I explain everything in the article "The 8 reasons to do your divemaster internship").

My daily life as DMT (DiveMaster Trainee)


  • We start his divemaster by attend a lot of courses (baptism, open water ...)we learn a lot when we see the different teachers acting.
  • As soon as you can we go diving with the Indonesian divemasters who make us discover the sites and teach us to find rare species !!
  • Every day we prepare and assemble the material, we welcome customers, we load the bottles on the boat, we do briefings on board, we help divers to equip themselves before diving ...
  • Towards the end, we really train in his job of divemaster, the last month, I almost did nothing but guide divers, there is no better experience !! 

Divemaster training at Gili Air Divers

Of course in the middle of all this you will do the different tests and exams required to validate your divemaster:

  • The theory : behavior and knowledgeFaire-son-divemaster-science-de-la-plongee-ssi-science-of-diving a divemaster (group management, working in a center
    diving ...) and fundamental diving (physics, physiology, decompression theory, equipment, knowledge of aquatic life ...)
  • Physical tests: float for 15 min, swim 400 m, tow an unconscious diver, exchange equipment under water ...
  • Exercises related to training : know how to ensure an "upgrade", demonstrate all the exercises of the open water (skills circuit) ...
  • Diving guide exercises : pre-dive briefing, guide under water, draw a map of a site ...
  • Dive guide
    • You will first become a " Dive guide You will be allowed to guide certified divers.
    • Then, you will do your " science of diving Which corresponds to all the part of the fundamentals of diving. Once your exam is validated, you would become divemaster.

SSI divemaster explication

  • In reality, the difference between a dive guide and a divemaster is not huge.
  • A divemaster can also perform baptisms in the pool (not at sea) and assist instructors during their lessons.
  • From what I understood, SSI created this first level for facilitate access to local divers from less developed countries.
  • They are excellent divers and guides, they find everything you want under the water, but they rarely have the education necessary to understand all the basics of diving and pass the exams, so very hard for them to become divemaster.

Details of the training in the article " what do you do during your divemaster".

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Gili Air Diver

  • divemaster-gili-air-equipe-gili-air-divers-min.jpgGili Air Divers actually has 3 centers: 2 on Gili Air and one on Gili Meno.
  • The atmosphere is super nice and relaxed.
  • The owners are French, the Indonesian crew and the instructors everywhere!
  • In photo, the team when I was there: the bosses, the instructors, the Indonesian team and the DMTs like me!

Center size

  • Gili Air Divers became one of the largest centers of Gili Air.
  • 3 departures / day + night dives + dives at sunrise.
  • A lot of classes (baptism and open water) but also fun dives
  • Customers rather francophone, but not only.
#Gili Air #Divemaster free #Gili air diver #Diving with #After his #My diving review



  • I'll be honest, looking back and what I've seen since, Dives in Gili Islands are not the most beautiful in the world ...
  • Mainly because the Indonesians destroyed their coral by fishing for dynamite…
  • But it was perfect to pass my divemaster!
  • Good visibility, a variety of sites, turtles everywhere, sharks north of Gili T, a wreck, a quantity and a variety of satisfactory fish, scorpion fish and nudibranchs to search, a little current, a site of muck dive (macro diving)… 

The full article on diving in GILI islands here

#Gili Air #Divemaster free #Gili air diver #Diving with #After his #My diving review


Difficult to work as a divemaster

As in many places in Asia, it is almost impossible to work as a divemaster, all centers employ local divemasters they pay a pittance ...

Become an instructor


  • The Gilis have centers with Race Directors or Trainer Instructors (the people who train the instructors).
  • You can easily become a PADI or SSI instructor on Gili Air, or at worst on Gili T. There are sessions almost every month.


Work as an instructor

  • There are a lot of centers and a lot of turnover, so you will be able to find work on the spot.
  • Especially in the center where you will have done your divemaster and / or your IDC (Instructor Development Course).
#Gili Air #Divemaster free #Gili air diver #Diving with #After his #My diving review


I have A-DO-RE my divemaster on Gili Air ! These 3 months are one of my best memories. I loved therelaxed yet festive atmosphere, I have met a lot of people super nice from the four corners of the world, the island is pretty, the people good spirit, the life not expensive… I am passed from a lambda diver to a confirmed diver who knows how to supervise a group of divers in all situations and I have enormously increased my diving culture! I recommend to everyone !!

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