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When we talk diving in Indonesia we often name Raja Ampat, Komodo, or Bali, but there are other less known locations, especially on the island of Sulawesi, which is worth visit and Bira is one of them! All my instructor friends had advised me to go and well, I was not disappointed! The diving was great !!

Context : Bira is part of my 3 months trip to Asia during which I wanted to do all the best diving spots. I stayed there for a week and did 9 dives.



25Mix fish - everywhere vertical (Bira)-min

  • Meilleure saison plongée Bira : April to November.
  • Meilleurs sites de plongée Bira : Kambing island and especially the "great wall of goats".
  • Common marine life : requin pointe blanche et pointe noire, thon, raie aigle, banc de carangues, napoléon, barracudas…
  • Cash possible : mola mola, thresher shark, hammerhead shark.
  • Club de plongée francophone BiraBlue planet dive resort
  • Access : 2h30 depuis Makassar.

Recommendations by category of divers:

  • New diver : good for a baptism or spend your open water.
  • Confirmed : à faire si vous êtes a Sulawesi.
  • Experimented : à faire, surtout si vous aimez les requins.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Ou se trouve Bira en Indonésie ?

  • Bira is the island of Sulawesi at the very end of the south west.
  • C’est une destination très connue de Sulawesi où les habitants de Makassar viennent relax on the weekend.
  • Bira, en plus de la plongée, possède de beautiful beaches.

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Carte se rendre a Bira-min

#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Énormément de vie sous l’eau à Bira !

  • I am delighted to dive in Bira !
  • As soon as you put your head underwater, we take full eyes !
  • Not shy anchovies, turtles, des balistes (red tooth triggerfish) per thousand, damsels, batfish, clownfish, snappers, sea snakes, lionfish ...
  • there is life in Bira !
  • Sans parler du coral who is in healthy and resplendent!

Niveau pour pouvoir plonger

  • There is a lot of current à Bira,
  • Il vaut vraiment mieux avoir a good level to dive down.
  • De préférence, n’y aller pas avec tout juste l’open water en poche.

Requin de récif à Bira

4Shark - white-tip close (Bira)-min

  • 20 years ago, Bira was apparently considered the destination where most sharks Indonesia !
  • Même si le nombre à diminué, il y a toujours a lot of sharks of reef white and black tips: I saw on all the sites where I dived!

Thon qui chassent à Bira

10Tuna - Dogtooth small school above (Bira)-min

  • One of my favorite moments during my dives was to see un banc d’une vingtaine de thons chasser on the site of the great wall of goats.
  • Ce tombant est toujours soumis à un fort courant et les thons sont souvent là en train de chercher leurs proies ! A big moment !!




Raies aigles à Bira

7Eagle ray - onr (Bira)-min

  • You can never expect to see eagle rays, but there is a lot of Bira,
  • J’en ai crossed several times, on the site of The great wall of goats and Cape Bira.



Gros pélagiques à Bira

3Napoleon - close (Bira)-min

  • Apart from sharks, there is a lot of fat in Bira
  • Not shy schools of jacks, napoleons, hump parrots, barracudas
  • On en voit sur quasi toutes les plongées


Plongée à Macro à Bira

  • 7Leaf fish - Pink (Bira)-minMacro enthusiasts will not be disappointed either!
  • The appointment : leaf fish, frog fish, poisson scorpion, des dizaine de nudibranches, sea horse, ghost fish, cleaner shrimp, squat lobster, crocodile fish ...

Vidéo plongée Bira

Photos plongée Bira

Here are some pictures of what I saw in Bira. Well, I'm sorry the photos are not terrible ... (At the time I was not very good!), but at least it gives you an idea!

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#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


For info, just below Bira is the island of Selayar, also known for its diving.

  • Saison Selayar : octobre à avril.
    So, I did not dive. This is one of the places I got myself with the seasons! Once there, I was told that we could only dive from October to April !! I heard that there were some great dives, so if you go to Bira, a small passage in Selayar (in the right season) can be a good mix!
  • Getting to Selayar: Ferry from Bira
    It will take a ferry from Bira, about 2 hours and 90000 Rp.
  • Diving Center: the Selayar dive resort
    There are few diving centers in Selayar! The only worthy of this name is the Selayar dive resort.

Carte se rendre a Selayar-min

#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Carte sites de plongée Bira

carte site bira-min

Meilleurs spots de plongée Bira

It is absolutely necessary to go diving on Kambing island!

  • The Great wall of goats (Kambing island)2Mix fish - everywhere (Bira)-min
    Without dispute, the best site I did in Bira ! Along this splendid falling : tuna that hunt, many eagle passing, reef sharks, of the red tooth triggerfish in every sense, napoleons, bumphead parrotfish... great diving !!
  • Shark point
    6Mix fish - everywhere bira vertical (Bira)-minYou want shark, and good for once "Shark point" meets the requirements ! In 2 dives I saw at least a 10th of black and white tip sharks each time, more benches of rainbow runners, from snappers, ofanchovy, may also turtles, sea snakes, lion fish ... A beautiful dive to do absolutely !!
  • Cape Bira
    A lot of life under water! Not shy sharks, some Reagles, mogul parrots, schools of jacks, turtles, napoleons... More of the nice macro: cleaner shrimps, scorpion fish, nudibranchs ... Beautiful diving!
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


La saison plongée à Bira est considérée être d’avril à novembre.

16Crab - Anemone (wakatobi)-min

When to dive in Bira?

  • Evitez la saison des pluies à Bira of December to February.
  • Avoid weekends (many people from Makassar come to relax in Bira), they do not dive mais ils prennent tous les logements !

Conditions de plongée Bira :

  • Visibilité à Bira : good, 20 to 30 m.
  • Température de l’eau à Bira : 27-30 °.
  • Current Bira : beaucoup de site avec courant à Bira.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


update February 2020

Les meilleurs centres de plongée de Bira

  • Alors, c’est l’un des problème de ce genre de destination moins connu, avec qui plonger à Bira?
  • Les centres de plongée à Bira ce n’est pas comme d’autres destinations où il y en a tellement qu’on ne sait pas lequel choisir !
  • Ici, il n’y a en a que quelqu’un et ça évolue au fur à mesure des années.
  • The most famous:

French diving club in Bira : Blue planet dive resort

  • Depuis octobre 2019, 3 français ont ouvert un centre de plongée à Bira
  • Passionné et professionnel, si vous chercher un centre français à Bira, foncez chez eux !
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


  • There is lots of accommodation in Birabut avoid the weekend, many people from Makassar come down to Bira to relax and the accommodations are complete!
  • Franchement, les choses évoluent tellement vite en Indonésie qu’il n’y a pas mieux que pour trouver son logement, du homestay au resort en passant par les hotels sympas.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Arriver à Makassar en avion

  • First you have to go to Makassar, the "capital" of Sulawesi.
  • There are direct flights to Makassar from major Asian cities (Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila ...).

Trajet Makassar à Bira

  • Prendre un van de Makassar à Bira.
  • Depuis le terminal sud Mallengheri à Makassar.
  • Durée = environ 4h.
  • Prix être 70000 et 200000 RP, ils partent quand ils sont pleins.

An area like Makassar and Bira is expanding, so the information I give here (September 2017) is subject to change!

Carte se rendre a Bira-min

#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Bira is the kind of place I would never go if my instructor friends hadn't advised me. The kind of destination still a little unknown. Well, they were right !! In value for money, I re-ga-lé! I love the "action" underwater and in Bira I was not disappointed, sharks everywhere, napoleons, humpback parrots, eagle rays, tuna that hunt, schools of anchovies, platax, hundreds of triggerfish not to see the surface anymore ... There was plenty to do! I recommend !!

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