Still a bit hard to access and unrecognized, diving at Alor is however a little paradise in Indonesia ! The corals are superb, colorful, dense and varied. If you are fans of macro, Alor can compete with Lembeh Strait and Ambon, with frogfish of all kinds, ghost fish, pygmy seahorse, the famous Rhinopias and sites where you can find octopus very rare (mimic, with blue rings, coconut…). Finally, we can also find pelagic hopes rather rare on very specific sites: school of hammerhead sharks (at Tanjung muna), Thresher Shark (in Clown valley) and mola mola or moon Fish (at Cathedral). The ideal way to enjoy it is to make a on liveaboards at Alor, but you also have several diving club with hotel (dive resort). I waited a while before I could go, well I was not disappointed!

Contexte : j’ai été directeur d’un bateau de croisière en Indonésie pendant 1 an et j’ai passé 15 jours à Alor.

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  • Best diving season Alor : April to October.
  • Best Alor dive sites : Tanjung muna, Clown valley, Kal's dream, Board room, Balylon.
  • Beautiful corals on all sites.
  • Macro : exceptional, rhinopias, frogfish, ghost fish, seahorse ...
  • Possible Species : school of hammerhead sharks (Tanjung muna), fox shark (clown valley, mola mola (cathedral).
  • Visibility : on average 20 m.
  • French-speaking diving club: Little Kepa.
  • Access : diving cruise or Alor small airport.

Recommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : pas recommandé, les courants sont trop forts
> Certified : à faire si vous en avez l’occasion
> Experimented : pas au niveau de Raja Ampat, mais très très bien


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Where is Alor?

  • Alor is at the very end of the Sunda Islands, after Komodo, just above Timor (see route).
  • Just like Komodo it's a kind of great strait where the currents of the north ocean and those of the south meet.
  • There are 3 main islands in the strait: Pura (the largest), Ternate and Buaya (and you also have the small island of Alor Kelil, very close to the coast).
  • It is a still underdeveloped region, based on villages here and there.
  • It is not yet widely known, but I think it will become.

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  • The area presents conditions similar to Komodo: a small strait that separates the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south, creating very strong currents.
  • Alor has beautiful corals all over the area.
  • Macro: macro, especially on several black sand sites, is very good.
  • Apart from Tanjung muna and Kal's dream, don't think you will see big pelagics on all sites such as in Komodo or Raja Ampat for example.

Plongée CORAUX Alor

  • For those who love corals, Alor offers a very nice density and diversity.
  • Soft corals mix with hard corals, with splendid gorgonians and anemones on many sites.

Plongée MACRO Alor

There really is superb macro at Alor. On many sites, you may have the chance to see:

  • nudibranch all sorts.
  • Several species of Fish and frogs (giant, warthy, painted and even hairy).
  • Some octopus : especially in night diving, like mimicry, wonderpus or blue-ringged.
  • Flamboyant cuttlefish.
  • Harlequin shrimp.
  • And of course the famous Rhinopias (a fairly rare species of scorpion fish) which has become the emblem of Alor.


There are 3 somewhat special sites:

  • Hammerhead sharks in Alor: on the site Tanjung muna, there is a school of resident hammerhead sharks, that does not mean that we see it every time, but it is there (more info below).
  • Alor Fox Shark : on the site Clown valley, where in addition to being "supposedly", the place in the world where there are the most anemones per square meter, you have a good chance of seeing a fox shark pass!
  • Mola mola in Alor : sure Cathedral to the southeast, where they tend to come often.

Alor diving photos

  • plongee-alor-indonesie-barracuda
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-nudibranche
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-nudibranche
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-poisson-grenouille
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-recif
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-requin-renard
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-rhinopias
  • plongee-alor-indonesie-requin-marteau

Alor diving video

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Map of dive sites at Alor

Alor has a quarantine of sites. I haven't done them all so I can only comment on the ones I know.

carte sites de plongee alor indonesie

The best coral and tropical fish sites in Alor

plongee-alor-indonesie-recif 7
  • Board room
    • One of the most beautiful sites for coral.
    • The corals are varied and it swarms with anthias and damselflies everywhere.
  • Babylon
    • A slope that sometimes turns into a wall, filled with corals.
    • Ballistae (red tooth triggerfish) throughout the site.
    • This site is really very special, I have never seen so much anemones of my life, there are every 50 cm !!
    • All kinds, all sizes and with all types of clownfish and other shrimp possible!
    • The site forms kinds of valleys where you can navigate if the current allows you.
  • Payan villageA beautiful reef with a variety of coral.
    • All the variety of tropical fish.
  • The great wall
    • Wall covered with superb corals.
    • All the variety of tropical fish.
  • Crucification point
    • Very beautiful corals on a slope / wall.
    • Please note, the temperature can drop to around 22 °.

The hammerhead shark site at Alor : Tanjung muna 

  • For me Alor's best site in terms of action and a lot of fish underwater (probably Kal's dream according to my info, but I didn't do it…).
  • Beautiful wall filled with corals.
  • A lot of schools of fish : batfish, surgeonfish, fusilier, ballista, snappers…
  • You will walk along the wall to a point around 20-25 m where moorish idols and butterflyfish congregate en masse and where you may be lucky to see the resident school of hammerhead sharks (a priori all year according to my info).
  • After the wall: black tip shark guaranteed, and can be barracuda, humpback parrot, eagle ray, napoleon...

The fox shark site in Alor: Clown valley


  • Beyond its main characteristic (its number of anemones, see above), Clown valley also allows you to have a good chance of seeing the very rare Thresher sharks.
  • The site being subjected to very cold currents from the south (the temperature can drop to around 21-23 °), they pass very often over the site and not necessarily very deep (it is possible to see them at 10-15m).

plongee alor indonesie mola mola poisson lune

The site of mola molas in Alor: Cathedral

  • I haven't, but according to my info, it's not uncommon to see mola molas go up from the depths here.

The Best Macro Sites in Alor

In a general way all sites in Kalabahi Bay can be good macro sites, some day and night.

  • Musky mosque
    • The site most famous for macro on Alor.
    • A dive on a slope of black sand.
    • Almost guaranteed to find the famous Rhinopias (very rare types of scorpion fish).
    • But also, frogfish, ghost fish, shrimp, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranch ...
    • Visibility is often around 10 m.
    • Day and night.
  • Bakalan jetty
    • A dive under a jetty.
    • Almost guaranteed to find Fish and frogs on the jetty's posts.
    • But also nudibranch, shrimp ...
    • Finally, there is a superb resident platax bench.
  • Beangabang
    • A little further south and especially a little colder (it can go down to around 20 °)!
    • If you are octopus fans, this is Alor's site for that!
    • At the end of the afternoon or at night, you can find very rare octopuses: mimicry, blue rings and even coconut and wonderpus !
    • Also: frogfish, nudibranch, shrimp ...
  • Mini wall
    • Frogfish, rhinopias, different kinds of cuttlefish (like flamboyant), shrimp of all kinds…
  • Blue house
    • Rhinopias, ghost fish, frogfish…

The site for the big at Alor: Kal's dream

  • Supposedly one of the best sites in the sector in terms of action underwater and large pelagics (I didn't do it).
  • 3 pinnacles subjected to strong currents which attract large pelagics: reef shark, school of trevallies…
  • But very dangerous and therefore only accessible to the most experienced.

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The best diving season in Alor is considered to be from April to November.

When to dive Alor in Indonesia ?

  • Avoid the rainy season at Alor of December to February.
  • Alor hammerhead shark season : all year round (on Tanjung Muna).
  • Alor fox shark seasons : all year round (in Clown valley).

Diving conditions Alor in Indonesia :

  • Visibility to Alor : very good, 20 to 30 m all year round.
  • Alor water temperature : it depends on the sites, on average 26 ° from October to April and 28 ° from May to September, but it can go down to 21 ° on some sites in the south.
  • Current Alor : the currents are very strong on certain sites in Alor! Be really sure you are experienced enough before you go.

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Alor's best dive centers in Indonesia

  • There are only a few dive centers or dive resorts on Alor but this number will increase.
  • They also all have very comfortable hotel bungalow accommodation.
  • Some best clubs in Alor : The little kepa (see below), Alor various (see below), Alomi diver.

French diving clubs in Alor

There are several French-speaking diving centers in Alor :

  • The little kepa : homestay (moderate budget) Small homestay run by French people on Alor Kecil, great setting, guaranteed tranquility.
    • They have been there for a very long time and know Alor inside out!
    • Bungalows for all budgets (30 to 100 €).
  • Alor various : dive resort (high budget).
    • Dive resort comfort also run by a Frenchman.
    • Much more luxurious than the little kepa, for those who want comfort.


  • Il y a aussi des bateaux (liveaboard) qui font des croisières dans la zone d’Alor
  • Cela se passe entre aout et September, when they go from Komodo at Raja Ampat and cross the banda sea.
  • There are not many, so take a good look at the boats that go there and when!

2866 € pour 10 jours

Bateau confortable, plusieurs espaces détentes et un équipage au petit soin pour vous !

4554 € pour 12 jours

Un énorme bateau de 50 m de long super confort avec 9 cabines

5325 € pour 12 jours

Un bateau ultra confort avec de nombreux espaces détentes, TV…

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Diving accommodation Alor Indonesia

alor-indonesie-pura 9
  • There's no a lot of independent accommodation in Alor but things are changing all the time! One of the best ways to have the last available accommodation in Alor remain !
  • The most common solution to find accommodation in Alor is the dive resort (a diving hotel).
  • The ones I can recommend to you: The little kepa, Alor variousAlomi diver


How to get to Alor?

It is still difficult to get to Alor but there is a small airport with access from Bali and Kupang (Timor).

carte comment aller a alor indonesie

Bali to Alor by plane

  • Direct flight 3 times a week (this information is subject to change).
  • Duration 1h30

Travel from Jakarta to Alor by plane

  • Flight every day from Jakarta, you will have a stopover in Kupang (Timor).
  • Travel time: between 4 and 6 hours.

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If you have ever been to prestigious places in Indonesia (Raja Ampat, Komodo, Lembeh Strait…) And want something different without too many people, Alor is for you! The great strength of Alor is the variety, with some sites filled with beautiful corals, sites with competition macro, sites for you very rare species and even sites to see large pelagic if necessary ! Go ahead before it gets known as Komodo !

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