When looking for information on where dive in Bali, the chance to see the very rare mola molas or moon fish (as well as manta rays) at Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Penida always comes back in conversations! Know that there is a season for the mola molas, we only see them between June and September normally. Bali being very touristy and everyone wanting to see them, I will try to give you the good info to make a diving with the mola molas of Bali in the best conditions !

Background: In 2 years in Indonesia, I went 3 times to Nusa Lembongan in the south of Bali and I dive several times with mola molas.

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# Most Famous Site: Crystal bay
# Best site: Blue corner 
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mola mola poisson lune nusa penida bali indonesie


Mola mola (poisson lune)

  • Diving season Mola mola Bali : June to September.
  • Mola mola Bali dive site : Crystal bay (Nusa Penida or Blue Corner (Nusa lembongan).
  • French-speaking diving club : French kiss diver Lembongan.
  • Recommended level : Advanced / N2 but open water / N1 can go.
  • Access : 30 minutes by boat from Sanur or 2 hours from the Gilis / Lombok islands.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : good for a baptism or spend your open water.
> Confirmed : to do absolutely if you come to Bali!
> Experienced : to do, but you will not like the number of divers with you on the site ...
#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


On Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida south of Bali

  • Let's already locate where to see the mola molas!
  • We always say "Bali", yes, but it's not not exactly on the main island of Bali but around the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, south of Bali.

Ou se trouve Nusa Lembongan copy

The full article on NUSA LEMBONGAN here

#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


The mola molas diving season in Bali is from June to September.

When to dive in Bali?

  • There is no precise date of course, but they arrive around May and leave around the end of September.
  • The best months to see Mola Molas is therefore clearly July and August.
  • Avoid the rainy season in Bali of December to september.

Diving conditions Bali

  • Visibility in Bali :
  • Bali water temperature :
  • Current Bali : it depends on the sites, but not reputed to have strong currents.

Season of mola molas in Bali


  • Very important info, mola molas are not there all year long !
  • The season to see the mola molas in Bali is July to October.
  • During this period, the water gets colder and they go back more easily into affordable depths by the divers.
#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


Dive with the mola molas at Crystal bay in Nusa Penida

mola mola 1

  • So it's simple, the most known site in Nusa Penida is Crystal bay and all the centers will take you there!
  • They usually evolve in deep watersbut Crystal bay is a cleaning station where they go back in season (from June to September) towards the 20 to 30 m zone.
  • Even in season NOT GUARANTEED TO SEE ! About 70% chances according to local instructors).

Tips for seeing the mola molas in Crystal bay

In high season (July to August), I can tell you that there are a package of divers who had the same idea as you! If you do not want this great moment to be wasted, 2 tips:


  • Go with as few divers as possible

feel free to go around the different centers (they all do the same trip) and made sure to leave with the one who has the least divers for the trip the next day!

  • To arrive as soon as possible!

Take also preferably the one that leaves the most early in the morning, I repeat, all centers go there every day, and there are no quotas or anything else! The sooner you arrive, the fewer divers will be underwater!

Most big centers often leave around 9am, so you will probably have more chances with a small center that will often be more flexible.

I made the trip 2 times:

  • The 1st time we were 4, we saw 3 mola molas for 20 min, they were there quiet, we had time to observe them.
  • The 2nd time we arrived late and we were 10 divers + those from the other centers, only one mola came, he saw about twenty divers rush on him and bombard him with flash, so he stayed 1 min and he left !!

The organization to see the mola molas from Nusa Lembongan

mola mola 2

  • All centers offer the same formula : 2 dives, one at Crystal bay (to see the mola molas) and one at Manta point (to see the mantas).
  • The exit takes the day :
    • Departure in the morning around 9am
    • First dive at Crystal bay
    • Lunch on the boat
    • Second dive at Manta point
    • Back to 14-15h
#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


If you are a experienced diver this information will interest you!

Why is no one going to Blue Corner?


  • Everyone goes to Crystal Bay, but in fact, the best site to see them in season is Blue corner !!!
  • The problem is that it's a potentially very dangerous for the most beginners because of currents that can be very strong and unpredictableSo it's much more complicated to go ...
  • The centers prefer to go to Crystal Bay, which is a site always protected from the current.

Experienced divers: organize yourself in advance!


  • But if you are an experienced diver (we will say at least 70-100 dives) who will be able to manage the current, try going to Blue Corner you will not be disappointed !
  • There will be a lot less people and you will see more mola molas !!
  • This is in all cases the best site on the island ! In addition to mola molas, you can see many sharks, of the eagle rays, of the bumphead parrotfish
  • Plan several days on site and go see Lembongan discovery dive center, they are flexible and if conditions permit, they will take you to Blue Corner!
#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


Diving pictures mola molas Bali

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#Overview #Or #When #Crystal bay #Blue corner #info #My diving review


The mola molas are truly unique creatures and not seeing them underwater is not given to everyone! However, the site Crystal bay of Bali really became "the factory", try to leave early and of dive with as few people as possible so that your pleasure is not too spoiled. If you are experienced and have the opportunity, dive at Blue Corner, there will be fewer people, it's where there are the most and it is also the best site on the island !!

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