After the wrecks of WWII, Barracuda lake is probably the dive site the best known of Coron. This volcanic lake Freshwater offers indeed several features (lunar landscape, thermocline, halocline, cleaning shrimp ...) that make this dive quite unique!

Context: I managed the French Kiss Divers Coron center for 1 year, so I dive very often in Barracuda lake!

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  • barracuda-lake-4-drone-minExperiment a Inverted thermocline (28 to 38 °) one of a kind.
  • Some Under water lunar landscapes .
  • Experiment the very rare phenomenon ofhalocline.
  • Some cleaning shrimp who come to make you nails!
  • Some fish that got lost.
  • One big barracuda in the lake.
  • The outdoor landscape of the lake is superb.
  • You dive without a suit.
  • All centers go there every day.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : unique experience and easy conditions.
> Confirmed : if you are only there for a few days, I would prefer wreck diving, but if you have time, go for it!
> Experienced : if you're like me and want to test everything, you have to do it, it's quite unique!

The full article on diving in Coron here

# Overview # Presentation # Diving with # seasons # Dive centers # My diving review


Where is Barracuda lake?

  • Barracuda-lake-entrance-min
    The entrance to Barracuda lake

    The island of Coron possesses 7 lakes including a particular property: Barracuda Lake.

  • His real name is Luluyuan lake.
  • It's the only one where we dive.
  • It's a Volcanic freshwater lake connected to the salt water of the sea.
  • It would go down (I have not been checked) up to 50-60 m.
  • You have to take a small passage with steps to get there.

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# Overview # Presentation # Diving with # seasons # Dive centers # My diving review


To dive to Barracuda Lake it will take a boat (about 30 min) and go on the island of Coron (because you will certainly be on the island of Busuanga and not Coron, more info in my full article on Coron).

Lunar landscapes

  • There are no (few) fish but the environment really makes us think of moon landscapes !
  • Underwater (for the first 20 - 30 m in any case), we dive along the same type of rocks on the surface, and we walk through (see video).

Barracuda lake thermocline

  • barracuda-lake-13-thermocline-minIts first specificity is to have a reverse thermocline of crazy! We go from 28 ° to 38 ° !!
  • In fact the first 5-6 meters will be at normal temperature (27-29 °).
  • From 5-6 m it starts a little warm.
  • And around 12-14 m, suddenly we go up to 34-36 ° and the more we go down the warmer up to about 38 °!
  • Going back we really realize the temperature difference, we see the thermocline layer and we did not not want to pass the bar of 12-14 m !


  • Its second specificity is to also have a halocline (i.e. basically, the creation of a gaseous cloud during the meeting of salt water and fresh water, as in cenotes from Mexico).
  • This one goes to the 30 m.
  • We see something brown-brown, we think it's the bottom of the lake, but no, it's the cloud of halocline!
  • For the bravest, we must descend below the cloud (around 35 - 40 m) to find the sea water and be like diving in the night!

Cleaner shrimps

  • barracuda-lake-16-crevetteFrankly, they are too funny !
  • Cleaner shrimp clean the other fish of their parasites, and sometimes when they are not shy (like those of Barracudas), they can also clean us !
  • They walk along the walls and on the ground in the shallow area.
  • Just put your hand ready for her, and go for a cleaning session of the nails and the hand !! (see the video at 55 s).

THE barracuda 

  • There is a huge Barracuda in the lake (the name comes from there, or a barracuda skeleton found in the back, no one is on!).
  • And yes yes it exists I have already seen it many times!

No fish

  • Apart from the cleaning shrimps and the famous barracuda, there are only catfish living here.
  • Well, there are always some saltwater fish that are lost and are there!

Diving video Barracuda lake Coron

Diving photos Barracuda lake Coron

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Barracuda lake dive card


# Overview # Presentation # Diving with # seasons # Dive centers # My diving review


  • There is no season for diving at Barracuda Lake in Coron, you can go there all year round. Just avoid the cyclone season from October to December where on rare occasions all diving trips can be canceled by the coast guard because of a cyclone alert.
  • Avoid the Chinese New Year period (around January-February but it changes every year): there are millions of Chinese who come to Coron, the wrecks are overcrowded, visits to the islands (Island hopping) are crowded, there are no more accommodations or c is super expensive…
  • Conditions at Barracuda lake
    • Visibility : on average 15 m.
    • Temperature : ahahaha, from 28 ° in surface to 38 ° down!
# Overview # Presentation # Diving with # seasons # Dive centers # My diving review


# Overview # Presentation # Diving with # seasons # Dive centers # My diving review


Frankly, whether you are an experienced diver or not, dive once at Barracuda lake it's nice! To wander around these lunar landscapes, to experience a crazy thermocline unique, to play with cleaning shrimp, to have the chance to find the famous and unique barracuda of the lake… It's not at the wreckage level, but if you have the chance, go for it !

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