Macro: diving in Bohol is for me the 3rd best destination of the Philippines, quite simply ! If you don't have the budget or the time to make a tubbataha reef cruise or Apo reef, Bohol must absolutely be part of your diving trip to the Philippine ! The island, well known for its famous " chocolate hills ", Have several Site (s : the dives in Panglao and Balicasag are the best and best known but you also have Cabilao and Anda. A splendid reef waiting for you, schools of fish, huge sea turtles, a pewter bank almost as big as that of Moaboal (Napaling), a large resident kingfish school on Balicasag and the macro of competition all around the island. The diving clubs are many to Bohol (2 French clubs in Panglao particular) and you can do all  diving course, from baptism to open water and even make your divemaster! All of my instructor friends advised me to dive in Bohol and I do not regret!

Background: After working 2 months as an instructor in Malapascua, I spent 2 weeks on Bohol, especially in Panglao.

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banc de carangues plongee balicasag panglao bohol philippines


  • recif plongee panglao bohol philippinesBest time to dive Bohol : January to June.
  • Dive areas : Panglao, Balicasag, Pamilacan, Cabilao, Anda.
  • Best dive sites : Black Forest (Balicasag), Santuary (Balicasag), Pontod (Virgin island), Gak-ang, Doljo point, Napaling (bench of sardines), Arco.
  • Common Marine Life : tortoise (Balicasag) + all Indo-Pacific fish.
  • Possible species : school of trevallies (balicasag), school of sardines (Napaling).
  • Macro : frogfish, nudibranchs, seahorses ...
  • French diving club Bohol : Equation.
  • Access : 2 hours by boat from Cebu or Dumaguete.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : perfect to start diving (baptism or open water) because the conditions are good.
> Confirmed : very nice dives, to do absolutely during a diving stay in the Philippines, especially the island of Balicasag.
> Experienced : you will like the mix of dives between reef, wall and macro.
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Where is Bohol?

  • carte de bohol philippinesBohol is a great island of the Philippines part of the region of Visayas.
  • It is located east of the island of Cebu. One of its main attractions is famous his "chocolate hills" (the "chocolate hills").
  • There are also many other things to do and explore on the island (waterfalls ...).


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  • The diving around Bohol is superb with splendid reefs, lots of marine life, turtles, very good macro…
  • 3 main diving areas: Panglao (Balicasag), Cabilao and Anda.

Map of Bohol dive sites

carte sites de plongee bohol philippines

Diving in Panglao, Bohol

carte sites de plongee panglao new philippines

The most beautiful dives of Bohol are in Panglao. This island southwest of Bohol is now connected to it by 2 bridges, making access very easy.

  • You have dive sites all around Panglao.
  • The best is to stay in Alona beach where the majority of diving centers are concentrated.
  • Since Panglao, excursions to Balicasag and Pamilacan are organized everyday.
  • The best sites (except Balicasag): Pontod (Virgin island), Gak-ang, Doljo, Napaling (bench of sardines), Arco.

The full article on PANGLAO here.

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Diving in Balicasag, Bohol

From what I could observe during my 3 months in the Philippines, the beautiful dives of Bohol and even of all the Visayas of the east (with Apo island) are in Balicasag.

carte bohol plongee balicasag philippines

  • The easiest way to get to Balicasag is from Panglao, about 30 minutes by boat.
  • The excursions of the centers are at the day for 2 or 3 dives.
  • All centers go there every day.
  • The best sites : all sites are good! But do not miss it Black forest.

All diving info on BALICASAG here.

Diving in Cabilao, Bohol

carte bohol plongee cabilao philippines

  • I did not go to Cabilao.
  • Apparently the level of the dives is not that of Balicasag or even around Panglao, I do not recommend it to experienced divers.
  • I think that the new divers will be completely satisfied.


Diving in Pamilacan and snake island, Bohol

carte bohol plongee pamilacan philippines

Like Cabilao, the on-site instructors did not advise me to go to Pamilacan, nothing special apparently.

  • I do not recommend it to experienced divers.
  • Then again, young divers will surely not be disappointed.


Diving in Anda, Bohol

carte bohol plongee anda philippines

  • Further east of Bohol, Anda is another dive area.
  • I did not hear anything special about diving in Andaso I did not go there. I do not think it's worth it compared to Panglao and Balicasag.


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For an experienced diver

  • tortue-balicasag-panglao-bohol-philippinesGo to Panglao and stay at Alona beach.
  • Do at least one day with 3 dives in Balicasag (Black forest mandatorythe others are all so beautiful).
  • 2 to 6 dives on Panglao : Pungtod wall (virgin island), Gak-ang point, Dodjo point and Napaling (a sardine bank equivalent to that of Moalboal).
  • No need to go to Pamilacan or Cabilao.

For a new diver

  • banc-de-sardines-napaling-panglao-bohol-minBohol is a good place to discover or learn diving, the conditions are good.
  • You can do a baptism or pass your open water, for that I recommend Panglao or Cabilao.
  • Make at least one day in Balicasag, all the dives are superb.
  • All dives around Bohol (Panglao, Cabilao, Pamilacan) will satisfy you: beautiful coral, turtles, lots of life…
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We can technically diving all year round in Boholbut the best diving season in Bohol is to January to June.

When to dive in Bohol?


  • Avoid the rainy season in Bohol of July to September. The boats leave but the visibility is less good than the rest of the year.
  • Avoid the cyclone season in Bohol from October to December: it does not normally rain, but a cyclone alert can occur at any time and diving trips can be canceled for several days.
  • Avoid the Chinese New Year period, Bohol is overrun with Chinese, the sites are crowded and the hotels full!

When is the period for diving with hammerhead sharks at Cabilao Bohol?

Unfortunately, don't expect to see schools of hammerhead sharks in Cabilao. It is true that historically Cabilao often visited hammerhead sharks in winters when the water is coldest, but that period is over, if you see one passing in February or March, it will already be a success!

Bohol diving conditions:

  • Visibility in Bohol : 20 to 30m (except rainy season).
  • Bohol water temperature : 27-29 ° on average.
  • Current Bohol : the area is not famous for its currents, but there may be some on some sites.
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poisson clown plongee balicasag panglao bohol philippines

  • The most beautiful reefs of Bohol are at Balicasag.
  • The best macro is in Balicasag and Panglao.
  • The best dive sites from Balicasag to Bohol : Black Forest and Santuary
  • The best dive sites from Panglao to Bohol: Pontod (Virgin island), Gak-ang, Doljo point, Napaling (school of sardines), Arco.
  • The best dive sites from Anda to Bohol : Paradise Garden, Shark's Point and Wonder Wall


The best Bohol dive centers

  • There are a lot of centers in Bohol, the majority are towards Panglao.
  • Many are "specialized" Chinese or Korean.
  • The most famous : Bohol Dive Club, Sea explorer

French diving club in Panglao Bohol

  • There is a French center installed for several years on Bohol, in Panglao: Equation. It is right next to Aloma beach, on Davao beach.
  • You also have French touch diving at Panglao, installed since 2019, they offer SSI, ADIP and even FFESSM courses!
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Panglao diving hotel on Bohol

alona bamboo hotel panglao bohol

Huge choice ofhotels in Panglao :

Anda diving hotel on Bohol

Little choice Anda Hotels

alona bamboo hotel panglao bohol

Cabilao diving hotel on Bohol

Several choices ofhotel in Cabilao :


carte comment aller a bohol philippines

Cebu to Bohol route

  • It is necessary go to the "pier", south of Cebu City, 15-20 min from the airport.
  • Boats every day, all day, several companies (the best Ocean jet).
  • They go up Tagbilaran city (the "capital") of Bohol.
  • The crossing takes 2h.
  • Price: 800 PHP.
  • From Tagbilaran, take a tricycle (1h)

Dumaguete to Bohol

  • Boats every day, all day, several companies (the best Ocean jet).
  • They go up Tagbilaran city (the "capital") of Bohol.
  • The crossing takes 2h.
  • Price: 700 PHP.
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Bohol is very known for its activities and its famous monts chocolats, but she also has quality diving to offer ! The sights around Panglao (south west) are superb and a day diving in Balicasag is essential ! The island of Cabilao may be another option just like like a day at Pamilacan. Finally, few people know that it also has a site (Napaling) who has a pewter bank almost as big as that of Moalboal! Go diving in Bohol, you will not be disappointed !

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