Camiguin is a small island in the northwest of the province of Mindanao, south of Philippines. I was looking for a diving destination a bit off the beaten track, to relax for a week and not really know what I was going to see underwater. Well, no one had advised me to go down there, there might be a reason ... diving in Camiguin nothing special for an experienced diver… However if you are a beginner, the island is very cool, good atmosphere, no people, nice places and diving is good to start.

Context: I was manager of French Kiss Divers Coron for 1 year, so I had the opportunity to explore the Philippines a bit more and Camiguin is part of these trips.

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  • boxfish yellowBest diving period Camiguin : January to June.
  • Best Camiguin dive sites : White island (Black forest and Kilambing), Mantigue island.
  • Marine life : turtles + classic tropical fish.
  • Access : from Bohol or Cebu
  • No French diving club.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by diver category:

> New diver : good compromise between nice island and do a little diving, good conditions to learn but not sure of my quality of the centers, not too expensive.
> Confirmed : nice but there is much better in the Philippines (in the same sector prefer BoholPanglao / Balicasag or Padre Burgos).
> Experienced : nothing exceptional for you ...


Where is Camiguin?

  • Camiguin is a small island north of the large island (and province) of Mindanao (you know, the one where you should not go according to the government 🙂)
  • Classic island of the Philippines with its volcano in the middle and a road that runs all around!
  • No beach on the island ...
  • 2 main attractions:
    • White islandwhich is actually a bar of sand more than an island!
  • Mantigue island, a beautiful little island that looks like Balicasag on Bohol

Photos Camiguin:

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How is diving in Camiguin?

  • Anemonefish - clark 1Well, I did research and Camiguin must have been a little macro paradise with frogfish and seahorses everywhere ... well I haven't seen one! I looked though !!
  • A very average visibility, between 5 and 12 m.
  • Marine life : clownfish everywhere, turtles on Mantigue and White Island, angel fish, parrot fish, boxfish, cowfish…
  • Beautiful corals on Mantigue and White island.
  • Nice, but nothing special.
  • If you have a day diving to do, go to Mantigue.

For an experienced diver

For a new diver

  • The conditions are good for learning
  • On the other hand, I am not sure about the quality of training in the centers ...

Camiguin diving photos

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Camiguin diving video

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Map of Camiguin dive sites

carte sites de plongee camiguin philippines

What are the best dive sites in Camiguin?

  • White island:Angelfish-regal
    • Black forest : a drift with a lot of current, a kind of soft and hard coral fields. Nice but not breathtaking, a turtle, a cuttlefish, 2-3 nudibranchs and classic fish. 10-12 m of visibility.
    • Kilambing : same kind as black forest, with less current and less corals.
  • Mantigue islandtortue 2
    • South West part : nice slope to dive, turtle, lots of fish, pretty corals, some nudibranchs.
    • Turtle point : of course big turtles always in the same place, small schools of fish (barracudas, fusiliers ...), cuttlefish, ribbon eel, nudibranch, pretty corals ... a bit like Balicasagbut less well.
  • scorpionfish 2Old volcano : a lot of soft corals, very beautiful, but 5-8 m visibility (apparently it's the same all year ...), so very frustrating, we do not appreciate its true value ... Same configuration as Gato island in Malapascua (except that there are a lot of macros to look for) and Apo Island (but there are many more fish and huge turtles).
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You can almost dive all year round at Camiguin but the best diving season is from January to June.

When to dive Camiguin ?


  • Avoid the rainy season at Camiguin of July to September.
  • Avoid the cyclone season at Camiguin October to December: it does not normally rain, but a cyclone alert can occur at any time and diving trips can be canceled for several days.

Camiguin diving conditions:

  • Visibility to Camiguin : on average 20 m.
  • Water temperature at Camiguin : 27-29 ° on average.
  • Current Camiguin : it depends on the sites, but not reputed to have strong currents.
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The best Camiguin dive centers

So it's simple there are only 4! They are all small boats, fairly old equipment and local divemasters who speak only moderately English…

  • Johnny's dive 'N' sun: the oldest.
    • I dived 2 days with them, everything went well, but aging equipment and small boat.
    • By cons they are in the best area to house
    • They have 2 (small) boats
  • Camiguin various souls: small but nice.
    Ditto, I plunged with them a day on M
  • Camiguin Volcano Eco Beach resort & dive: the most expensive ...
    • they were complete.
    • These are the most expensive.
  • Dive special: not dived with them.

French diving club in Camiguin

  • There are not to my knowledge of French-speaking diving club in Camiguin.
  • I advise you send an email before to check those who may have French speaking staff.
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Housing Camiguin Philippines


It is quite simple to get to Camiguin, either by plane or by ferry from several islands including Cebu and Bohol.

carte comment aller a camiguin philippines

Getting to Camiguin by plane:

  • Camiguin at an airport
  • It deserted the main cities of the Philippines: Manila, Cebu, Coron…

Go to Camiguin by boat from Bohol

  • 4 hours by boat from Jagna port (south of Bohol).
  • One ferry per day, departure every day.
  • Price: 9$
#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Okay, well, that won't stay not one of my best diving memories, that's for sure! As I repeated in the article, it all depends on your level, the experienced, go your way, there are better elsewhere in the Philippines ; new divers, you should find your account there, especially since the island is nice!

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