Coron island is one of the most visited destinations in Philippines, especially for its lagoons, his lakes and its superb the Island. The diving at Coron is very well known for its fabulous wrecks of the 2nd world war, but it is not only that! A variety of dives waiting for you: have the chance to see dugongs, departures for Apo reef, experience the unique Barracuda lake, explore the cave immersed in Cathedral cave… The diving prices in Coron are really cheap, around 60 € for 3 dives! Many diving club are waiting for you at Coron, but beware, not all of them are really good! The dives in Coron are not the most beautiful in the Philippines, but on a diving trip of one week there is plenty to do!

Context: I managed the center French Kiss Divers Coron for 1 year, so we can say that I know the area well!

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plongee coron island philippines


plongee coron island philippines

  • 2nd best place in the world to dive on World War II shipwrecks (the 1st being undoubtedly Truk Lagoon in Micronesia).
  • 10 wrecks (from 30 to 160m long)!
  • Visibility never very good (between 5 and 10 m average).
  • Best period for visibility: March to May.
  • Diving Barracuda lake is really unique.
  • Departures for Apo reef (2nd best diving destination in the Philippines).
  • A site to see dugongs.
  • Cost of dives really cheap.
  • French diving clubs in Coron : French kiss various Coron and Corto various.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : there is much better in the Philippines to start diving (Bohol, Moalboal, Puerto Galera...). If you are already open water, be sure to be comfortable in deep diving and in reduced visibility.
> Confirmed : to do, wreck + barracuda lake.
> Experienced : if you like wrecks, you will not be disappointed, you have 9 huge wrecks accessible in the same place and not so deep as that (40 m max).
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Where is Coron?

  • Coron is in the province of Palawan in the Phillippines.
  • The area where Coron is located is called Calamian islands.
  • 3 main islands compose them: Busuanga, Coron and Culion.
  • Coron is therefore only one of the islands in the area, but as it is the most famous, everyone associates its name with the whole area.

Busuanga Island

  • The main island and the largest.
  • The one who owns the airport and the ferries, so where you will arrive.
  • About 20,000 people.
  • Clearly the most developed (everything happens in Coron town).

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Coron Island

  • The island of Coron is clearly the most beautiful.
  • It is a very rocky island composed mainly of beautiful cliffs filled with vegetation, bordered by small beaches and lagoons.
  • There are no housingonly the descendants of the natives of the time live there.
  • She owns 7 inland lakes.
  • His most famous places are: Kayangan lake (the one where we take the picture of Coron that you see everywhere on the internet), Barracuda lake (Luluyuwan of his real name) and Twin lagoon.

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Culion Island

  • The least known.
  • Habitable, but very little developed.
  • Not much info on it ...

Around Coron

  • When you arrive in Busuanga, like everyone else you are going to be disappointed, but where are the beaches ??
  • Well, there is none! Or 2 hours drive west (Ocam Ocam).
  • To enjoy the rides, you will have to take a boat and make island hopping", Ie go from place to place by boat during the day.

3 major circuits:

kayagan lake coron island philippines

  • The most common (the ultimate tour), north of Coron : Kayangan lake, Barracuda lake, Twin lagoon, Siete pecado, CYC beach.
  • The beautiful southern islands : Malcapuya, Banana and Bulog.
  • The islands of the west : Pass island and Coral garden.

Black island

  • If you have the time and / or want to see the most beautiful island around Coron : organize a trip to Black island!
  • You go to Conception or Busuanga (by scooter), you rent a boat for the day and go!
  • It remains my favorite island of the area!

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#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Coron is well known for fabulous wrecksand for good reason, they are superb! But there are other dives to do:

Dive on the wrecks of Coron

I did a full article about the wrecks of CoronSo if you want more explanations, I advise you to read it!

  • There are 10 real interesting wrecks in Coron (skeleton wreck not really a wreck ...).
  • 9 are Japanese ships of the 2nd World War sunk the same day, only Nanshin is an American wreck.
  • 8 are located in Coron Bay, 1 next to the island Black island (Nanshin) and 1 at north of Busuanga (Kyokuzan).
  • Lusong gunboat and East Tangat are the 2 smaller and less interesting than others for non-beginner divers.
  • They go from 30 m (Lusong gunboat) to 160 m (Okikawa).
  • They are all very well preserved, covered with coral with a lot of marine life.
  • The visibility at the wrecks is not very good (5 to 10 m on average), only Kyokuzan (15 - 20 m) and Nanchin (20 m or more) have better visibilities.

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The full article on the wrecks of Coron with all the info here !!

> Akistushima wreck: Japanese seaplane carrier (118 m)

plongee epave coron akitsushima wreck originale

  • Akitsushima is a 118-meter-long seaplane carrier lying recumbent on its left flank at a depth of 36 m, the highest part (the hull) being around 22 m. He owns super penetration inside his crack with very beautiful light games.
  • One of those where there is the least marine life and corals: corals, gorgonians and anemones on the upper hull + bench of snappers, sweetlips, batfish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish ...
  • Do not miss crane, anti-aircraft gun, gas mask, engine room and crane machinery.

> East Tangat wreck (Teru kaze): Japanese submarine fighter (30 m)

plongee epave coron east tangat originale

  • East Tangat is the second smallest wreck of Coron (after Lusong gunboat), it rests right on a slope between 4 and 20 m of bottom.
  • One of the best wrecks for the macro (ghost pipefish, nudibranch ...) and we can see some mandarin fish during the day !
  • Marine life: covered with hard corals and anemones all over the boat + Platax, sweetlips, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish, nudibranch ... and sometimes nice macro: ghost pipefish, pipefish .
  • Certainly themost diving wreck (with Morazan) because everyone goes there (even in open water training and baptism !!), attention in high season ...
  • Do not miss : Mandarin fish.

> Irako: Cargo of refrigerated Japanese provisions (140 m)

plongee epave coron irako originale

  • Irako is a huge cargo ship 140 m long (the second longest in Coron) which is 44 m deep.
  • One of two most impressive shipwrecks of Coron (with Kyokuzan).
  • It offers them better penetrations "thrills" for the most experienced (kind in the dark almost total at 36 m depth)!
  • Marine life: Covered with corals, gorgonians and anemones on the whole upper deck + Malabar grouper, giant trevallies, snapper banks, sardine schools, batfish, sweetlips, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lion fish ...
  • Do not miss : penetrations in the holds below 30 m (if you have the level), the front of the boat, the support of the turret.

> Kogyo: Freight Cargo Japanese (130 m)

plongee epave coron kogyo originale

  • A large cargo ship 130 m long lying lying on the left flank at 36 m depth.
  • All holds are visitable and can be seen some vestiges : the rest of a tractor, bags of cement, rolls of wire mesh ...
  • One of the two wrecks with the most marine life (with Morazan): covered with corals, gorgonians and anemones on the upper hull + giant trevally, school of jacks, snappers, barracudas, sardine schools, batfish, sweetlips, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, fish lion and nudibranch
  • Do not miss : the marine life above the hull, the remains of the tractor, the engine room with 2 boilers.

> Kyokuzan: Freight Cargo (136 m)

plongee epave coron kyokuzan originale

  • Kyokuzan is a huge cargo ship 136 m long (the third longest in Coron) which rests at 40 m depth.
  • One of two most impressive wrecks of Coron (with Irako).
  • There is always at least 15-20 m of visibility.
  • It offers very good penetrations "thrills".
  • Marine life: covered with corals, gorgonians and anemones on the whole upper deck + Bench snappers, sweetlips, scorpion fish, batfish, crocodile fish, lion fish, nudibranch ...
  • Do not miss : the entry by the driveshaft at the back of the boat, the rest of the car, the rest of the small trucks, the visit of the kitchen with the vintage cups still on the ground.

> Morazan: Freight Cargo Japanese (95 m)

plongee epave coron morazan originale

  • A 95-meter-long freighter lying lying on the right flank at a depth of 26 meters.
  • One of the most plunged wrecks because accessible to divers Open water (the top is 14 m).
  • One of the coolest penetrations for experienced divers.
  • One of the 2 shipwrecks with the most marine life (with Kogyo): copen corals, gorgonians and anemones on the upper hull + giant trevally, school of jacks, snappers bench, barracudas benches, sardine schools, batfish, sweetlips, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish, nudibranch ...
  • The main deck is covered with corals.
  • Do not miss : the engine room with its 2 boilers, the upper deck with all its marine life.

> Nanshin: American tanker (50 m)

plongee epave coron nanshin originale

  • A small 50m tanker that fell straight but leaned (the lowest part is at 34m and the highest at 18m).
  • The wreck with the better visibility of the whole area of Coron.
  • Very few penetrations.
  • A couple with a stop on the beautiful island of Black island.
  • Marine life: covered with corals, gorgonians and anemones on the whole upper deck + Platax, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish, sweetlips, nudibranch, fish pipe, shrimp ...
  • Do not miss : the visibility !

> Okikawa: Japanese oil tanker (160 m)

  • An oil tanker that fell straight to the ground at 26 m with most of its bridge between 12 and 16 m.
  • The longest wreck of Coron!
  • She owns one of the best penetrations of all wrecks (with Irako).
  • Probably the one who has the greatest variety of marine life (big and macro): covered with corals, gorgonians and anemones on the whole upper deck + Malabar grouper, trevally, turtle, sweetlips, snapper bank, batfish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish, nudibranch (especially the blue dragon) ...
  • Do not miss : the input by the driveshaft and the penetrations in the tanks and the different rooms of the ship.

> Olympia: Freight Cargo Japanese (122 m)

plongee epave coron olympia originale

  • A large cargo ship 122 m long that fell straight down to 30 m bottom.
  • Perfect for a 1st wreck diving dive.
  • A large open wreck that allows you to move easily inside its holds.
  • More submissive than the others, we can have a lot of marine life: copen corals, gorgonians and anemones on the whole upper deck + Giant trevally, school of jacks, snappers bench, batfish, sweetlips, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lionfish, nudibranch ... ..
  • Do not miss : the front room and the front of the boat with the support of the turret.

> Lusong gunboat: Japanese Patrolman (30 m)

plongee epave coron lusong gunboat originale

  • It is a very small wreck (about thirty meters), not deep (10 m max), bent (at low tide, it exceeds water).
  • There is not much to see ...
  • Compared to others, for me it's not a great wreck ... I had to go 2 times in 1 year because I had no choice.

> Skeleton wreck

Do not be confused with Skeleton wreck, it's not a wreck for a diver!

  • It's the remains, remains of a wreck !!
  • The word "skeleton" (skeleton) defines it well!
  • All snorkeling tours want to take you there to make you dream of "diving" or "seeing" a wreck of WWII, but there is nothing!

The full article on the wrecks of Coron with all the info here !!

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Diving in Apo reef from Coron

From Coron, you can access Apo Reef !

plongee apo reef philippines banc de barracudas

  • 2nd best destination in the Philippines (the 1st being Tubbataha reef).
  • The 2nd largest continuous coral formation in the world.
  • Common Marine Life :
    • Reef sharks : white tip on all dives.
    • Big Pelagic : tuna, napoleon, giant trevallies, humpback parrots ...
    • Bench of barracudas and jacks : from the small bench to the very big one.
    • Turtle : not the star of Apo reef, but we cross on all dives.
    • Riflemen's Benches / Butterflyfish / Ballista… : all over !
  • plongee apo reef philippines requinPossible great encounter :
    • Hammerhead shark : it is very very rare to see, do not go to Apo reef for that, you will be disappointed…
    • Manta Ray : there is no cleaning station, so nothing guaranteed ...
    • Eagle Ray : very random, we can see 10 on a trip like zero.
    • Gray shark : there are some who drag, so quite possible to see.
  • Season hammer shark : January March.
  • Manta ray season : February - April.
  • Visibility : 20 to 40 m all year round.
  • Recommended level : Advanced / N2 but open water / N1 can go.

The full article on diving at Apo reef here

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Diving Barracuda Lake Coron

After the wreckage of World War II, Barracuda Lake is probably the best known dive site in Coron. This freshwater volcanic lake offers several special features that make this dive unique!

plongee coron philippines barracuda lake

  • Experiment a Inverted thermocline (28 to 38 °) one of a kind.
  • Some Under water lunar landscapes .
  • Experiment the very rare phenomenon ofhalocline.
  • Some cleaning shrimp who come to make you nails!
  • Some fish that got lost.
  • One big barracuda in the lake.
  • The outdoor landscape of the lake is superb.
  • You dive without a suit.

The full article on Barracuda lake here

Diving with dugongs in Coron

Coron has an area where one can find the very rare and endangered dugongs. On paper it looks great, but in reality it's a bit more complicated than that ...

plongee coron philippines dugong

  • Coron owns an area where you can find dugongs.
  • It's kind of marine park protected and supervised by rangers.
  • Snorkeling or diving are possible.
  • The area is northwest of Busuanga Island (very far from Coron town).
  • Coron town trip (round trip): 2h of van + 5h of boat.
  • 1 buoy for all boats
  • Organization: 4 people maximum with the dugong and 30 min max interaction.

The full article on diving with the dugongs in Coron here

Diving at Cathedral cave Coron

At the end of the island of Coron, you have a very unusual diving: Cathedral cave!

plongee coron philippines cathedral cave

  • A cave immersed under the island of Coron.
  • A very small entrance!
  • There is a opening in the cave letting the sun pass, great game of light!
  • We can to surface in the cave during the dive!
  • There is a 2nd little cave in the background, where we always find plenty of shrimp!
  • A very nice dive to do!
  • We can not go all year : only from June to December (otherwise the access is too difficult because of the waves.
  • Cathedral Cave Diving Card:

carte plongee cathedral cave coron philippines

  • Diving video Cathedral cave in Coron
  • Cathedral cave dive photos in Coron:

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Dive on Coron's reefs

Apart from the wrecks, Barracuda lake and Cathedral cave, there are other coron reef dives, the 2 most fun are:

plongee coron philippines siete pecado

  • Siete pecado : small protected marine park, and we see the difference, nice corals, a greater variety of fish than elsewhere and normally there is always a resident barracudas bench!
  • Twin peak : very good visibility and a lot of fish.

Other dives (Alcatraz rock, Vivian beach, CYC beach ...) will not be not very interesting for confirmed divers but will be good training grounds for those in training.

Marine life around Coron : clownfish / damsel / parrot / angel, snapper, rifleman ... and if you're lucky turtles are also present.

Dive north of Busuanga Island

Nearly all dive centers are in Coron town or in the south of Busuanga ready for wrecks, but there are also dives in the north of the island.

  • The wreck of Kyokuzan (see above).
  • The site at dugong (see above).
  • Departure for Apo reef (see above).
  • Diboyoyan island : nice diving, with a good chance to see black tip sharks!
  • Rock island.

Northern dives are basic richer in corals and fish than those in Coron Bay (except Siete pecado and Twin Peaks) and especially the visibility is much better (15-20 m all year round).

  • Coron nord busuanga diving pictures

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Baptism or open water in Coron

cours de plongee coron philippines

  • Coron with its lakes and lagoons attract many backpackers wondering if they will not start diving in Coron.
  • Very honestly, after a year there, This is not necessarily the place I will recommend to someone in 1st to pass his open water or make a baptism.
  • Very few centers have a pool, the visibility is not the best in the world, marine life is not necessarily abundant, the sites are rather far so it's long boat days ...
  • Afterwards, as a new diver, you will not see the difference, so if you are planning to start diving in Coron, go for it!
  • If you want French classes will be at French Kiss Divers or Corto divers.

Do your Advanced or a diving specialty in Coron

cours de plongee coron-philippines

  • Coron may not be the best place to start diving to perfect oneself it's perfect !
  • An advanced Coron makes you really progress, with deep wrecks in the playground! Train on your buoyancy, go deeper, manage your non-decompression times, use a lamp in a wreck ...
  • Same for specialties (nitrox, deep or wrecks), again it's perfect.


Best Coron snorkeling spots

faire du snorkeling coron island philippines

  • The best snorkeling places in Coron: Siete pecado, Twin Peaks and Coral Garden in Lusong.
  • You can do too snorkeling at Skeleton wreck, then for divers it has no interest and you will have 150 Chinese around you!


No snorkeling on large wrecks

  • You can do somenorkeling on Lusong gunboat and East tangatbut there will probably be a lot of people with you!
  • On the other hand forget the snorkeling with the other wrecks, they are too deep and there is nothing around!
#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Map of Coron dive sites

carte sites de plongee coron philippines

Best Coron Dive Spots

#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


We can almost dive all year round in Coron but the good diving season is January to June.

When to dive in Coron?

plongee coron philippines black island

  • The best diving period in Coron is from March to June when the visibility is best at the wrecks and the conditions are good to go north of Busuanga.
  • Coron rainy season: July to September.
    You can still dive but the trips to the wrecks (about 2 hours) are not very pleasant and you cannot take advantage of the rest of the activities: visit to the islands, beaches…
  • Cyclone season: September to December. Everything is slowed down in Coron and things are very random, all diving trips can be canceled for several days by the coast guard (it happens several times).
  • Avoid the Chinese New Year period (around January-February but it changes every year): there are millions of Chinese who come to Coron, the wrecks are overcrowded, visits to the islands (island hopping) are crowded, there are no more accommodations or c is super expensive…

Diving conditions Coron :

  • Coron visibility : 10-20 m (March to May), 5 to 10 m (December to February and June to September), 2 to 5 m (October to November).
  • Coron water temperature : 27 to 30 °.
  • Current with Coron wrecks : only Okikawa and Akitsushima are exposed to currents (sometimes strong), the other wrecks are protected.

What is the best season to dive on Coron wrecks?


  • The best time to dive on Coron shipwrecks is clearly from March to May when visibility is greatest (10 to 20 m).
  • Outside this period, the navigation conditions to go to the wrecks of Coron are good but visibility will be on average 5 to 10 m.
  • Really avoid the cyclone season (October to December) where visibility can go down to 2 to 5 m.
  • Current with Coron wrecks : only Okikawa and Akitsushima are exposed to currents (sometimes strong), the other wrecks are protected.

What is the best season to see the Coron dugongs?

dugong 2

There is no season for dugongs in Coron, they are there all year round !

What is the best season to dive on Cathedral cave in Coron?

cathedral cave entrance 0 with diver

  • The season to dive at Cathedral cave is from June to December.
  • Outside this period the wind changes and access to the east of the island of Coron (where Cathedral cellar is located) is very complicated for small Filipino boats!

When is the best time to dive Apo reef from Coron?


The best diving season at Apo reef is of March to June because the best outdoor conditions are: no waves, no rain, no wind…


When is the best time to dive at Barracuda lake in Coron?


There is no season for diving at Barracuda lake, access is always protected, so we can go there all year round !



#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


French diving club in Coron

club de plongee corto divers coron philippines

  • Miscellaneous Corto
    • The one that I will recommend to you first because they have been there for a very long time, they do not overload their boat, they have great equipment, they are super well organized, they are super nice…
    • On the other hand if you want to dive with them, book in advance, they are always full!
    • They are also a resort, so you have diving - accommodation packages.

club de plongee coron french kiss divers

  • French Kiss Divers
    • I managed French kiss various Coron for 1 year, difficult to recommend another center !!
    • The benefits with French kiss : they will always put security in 1st, always warm welcome, small groups, all training in French, the possibility of making special trips (Kyokuzan, Black Island and the Nanchin, Cathedral cave ...).

The best Coron dive centers

  • There are many other centers on Coron and there is everything and anything!
  • Apart from Coron divers and French kiss divers, I recommend
    • Reggae dive center (but they are very big and not always welcoming…)
    • Neptune dive center (they are very good, even if the manager is not very welcoming…),
    • Amphibi-ko and Fun & sun.
  • Really avoid anything that is Chinese (Kiss diving, Medusa…), Korean (Sanho, Whale diving, Divers coron…) and even local centers (Coron various, Umali ...): zero security, not the same quality of service, cold reception ...
#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Coron has exploded in recent years and there are really all types of accommodation, plenty of backpaker / hostel, mid-range hotels and resorts, you choose!

Cheap hotel Coron: Backpacker / hostel

hop hostel.jpg


Nice and highly rated hotel Coron

4.13 suite coron

Dive resort Coron

#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


It is very easy to get to Coron either by plane or by ferry.

carte comment aller a coron island philippines

Route Manila to Coron

  • Plane Manila to Coron by plane:
    • Flights daily, several times a day.
    • Duration: about 1h20.
  • Manila to Coron ferry route (with 2GO travel) :
    • Every Tuesday and Friday at 1:30 pm
    • Duration 15h (arrival the next day at 4:30 am).
    • Price: from 2,222 PHP (eco class).

Cebu to Coron route

  • Flight from Cebu to Coron by plane (Philippines airlines):
    • 3 flights a day: 5:30, 10:50, 13:00.
    • Duration: approximately 1h15.
  • Cebu to Coron ferry route : does not exist.

Route Puerto Princesa to Coron

  • Flight from Puerto Galera to Coron by plane: no direct plane to Coron (that may change in the coming years).
  • Route Puerto Galera to Coron in ferry (with 2GO travel) :
    • Every Saturday and Wednesday at 00:00.
    • Duration 15h (arrival the next day at 15h00).
    • Price: from 1534 PHP (eco class).

Route El nido to Coron

  • El nido to Coron route by plane: no direct plane to Coron (that may change in the coming years).
  • Route El nido to Coron in speed boat (with Montenegro line) :
    • Every day at 6:00.
    • Duration 3h30 (arrival at 9h30).
    • Price: 1848 PHP.
#Overview #Diving with #Wrecks #Apo reef #Barracuda lake #Dugongs #Training #snorkeling #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Coron is not the best place in the Philippines in terms of corals, diversity of marine life, some large pelagic, some macro or good visibility, but offers varied and very specific dives. If you are Wreck fans, don't even ask yourself the question, go to Coron You will not be disappointed ! Then you can also do more atypical dives like Barracuda lake, Cathedral cave, the area to dugong, the wreck of the Nanshin and Black island… Finally, the best is really to couple Coron with an outing to Apo reef, there is diversity, big stuff and shark ! So if you are not a beginner diver, in 1 week you really have what to do and all this at a very acceptable price.

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