Macro: diving in Coron is very well known for its fabulous WWII Japanese wrecks, but also because it has an area where you can do some diving with the very rare and threatened dugongs. On paper it looks great, in reality it's a bit more complicated than that… All the info on dugong dives in Coron in this article !

Background: I was manager of French Kiss Divers Coron for 1 year and I had the opportunity to go several times to see the dugongs.

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  • Coron owns an area where you can find dugongs.
  • It's kind of marine park protected and supervised by rangers.
  • Snorkeling or diving are possible.
  • The area is to the north and the island of Busuanga (very far from Coron town).
  • Coron town trip (round trip): 2h of van + 5h of boat.
  • 1 buoy for all boats
  • Organization: 4 people maximum with the dugong and 30 min max.
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I'll explain why it's a little complicated to go diving with the dugongs in Coron ...

Where is the area to dive with the dugongs in Coron?

  • Northeast of Busuanga Island.
  • If you are in Coron town (like the majority of people), you must first go north of Busuanga = 1 hour drive in van to Maricaban.
  • Of the, 2h30 boat trip to the dugong area (towards the peninsula of Calauit).

Note: it's been a very long day of transportation (2 hours by van + 5 hours by boat = 7 hours)…

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The organization of diving with the dugongs in Coron

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  • The zone is actually managed by rangers.
  • Before you go, a ranger must ride with you on the boat.
  • The area is very controlled, in fact there is only one buoy where the boats are allowed to moor (the first boat attaches to the buoy and the following ones one behind the other).
  • Then, do not think that you go dive in search of the dugongs, no no no!
  • The ranger will look for and locate a dugong (and for years there is only one "of friendly" ...).
  • Then 4 people can go diving (or snorkel) with the dugong for a maximum of 30 minutes of interaction!
  • So if you are the 3rd boat with 8 people on each of the boats in front of you, you can wait a long time ... sometimes there is no one, sometimes there are many people ...
  • And there is nothing else to see around, it's sand with grass ...

Note: there is potentially a lot of waiting for only 30 min with a dugong…

Video diving dugong in Coron

Diving pictures dugong Coron

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The best time to see the Coron Dugongs is to January to September.

When to see the dugongs in Coron?

  • There is no season for dugongs in Coron, they are there all year round, but:
  • Avoid the rainy season in Coron from july to september : journey to the dugongs by very pleasant.
  • Above all, avoid the cyclone season in Coron from October to December. As the journey to the dugong site is long (north of the island of Busuanga), outings are often canceled during this period.
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  • Herbivorous marine mammal from the same family as the manatees.
  • Also called " marine cow » (sea cow).
  • Measured 3 to 4 m long and can weigh up 500 kg.
  • Rise to the surface every 5 minutes about.
  • Lifetime : until 70 years.
  • Threatened species and considered the most endangered marine mammal.


The best centers to dive with the Coron dugongs

Dugong dive center


  • They are the oldest.
  • They are also quite expensive.
  • North of Busuanga (not in Coron town).

Cheeky diver

  • Small dive center managed by Brenda.
  • Much cheaper than dugong dive center.
  • Contact: cheeky diver on Facebook.

Note: do not go with the Chinese center (Kiss diving) or Korea (Sanho), you will be disappointed…

#Overview #Diving with #Info dugongs #Bira #Dive centers #My diving review


Like everyone when I got to Coron I wanted see the dugongs and after almost a whole day of travel for 30 min max with a dugong, it kinda chills me! Frankly if you're just passing through for a short time, it's not worth it.

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