Macro: diving in Honduras is in the top 5 of the Caribbean (with Cozumel and Bonaire especially) ! The bay islands are splendid and have seabed beautiful. The conditions to dive are perfect all year round, the prices of dives in Honduras are cheap, the coral is beautiful and the underwater topography varied. Macro: dive at Roatan is the most famous and suitable for a diving trip to Honduras, with many diving clubs and or diving hotels (dive resort) offering diving packages very interesting, especially for quebecois ! Utila as for her, is the cheapest place in the Caribbean to make diving course (from open water to instructor) and has a season for whale sharks. Of course, the general bad reputation of Honduras discourages many people, but having spent 1 year there, I can tell you that the bay islands are completely different from the mainland and there is no problem locally (there is one international airport on Roatan) !

Context : I spent more than a year on Bay Islands, 2 months in Utila to become an instructor and 1 year on Roatan to work. So I think I have a good feedback to give you!

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vue aerienne roatan honduras


Plongee honduras roatan tortue

  • Best diving season Honduras : March to November.
  • Best islands to dive in Honduras : Roatan
  • Common Marine Life : turtle, grouper + classic Caribbean fish.
  • Possible species : shark (at Cara cara Roatan), eagle ray, nurse shark.
  • Visibility : 20 - 30 m.
  • French-speaking diving club Honduras : TGI diving (Roatan west bay).
  • Access : Roatan or Ceiba airport.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : Utila is the cheapest in the Caribbean to start diving, but Roatan is of better quality.
> Certified : Utila is not bad for the caribbean but Roatan is much better.
> Experienced : Roatan is in the Top 5 of the Caribbean, it's at the level of Cozumel and there are fewer people!
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Where is Honduras and the Bay Islands?

Carte ou se trouve utila en Honduras

  • Honduras is a Central American country, it is located below Mexico and Belize and above Costa rica and Nicaragua.
  • The bay islands are a group of islands found in the northern part of Honduras.

Honduras and the bay islands are little known in Europe

  • The bay islands (bay islands) in Honduras are little known in Europe, unlike Cozumel in Mexico for example.
  • They are however very popular with Canadian and American divers, who wish to beautiful dives, in one pleasant surroundings, Has cheap prices and far from mass tourism.

Bad reputation of Honduras

  • The islands of the bays suffer from the bad reputation of Honduras, which of course does not favor their development.
  • Honduras' reputation for insecurity is justified, as are many Central American countries.
  • But the Bay Islands have a completely isolated and different environment, it's like another country!
  • For having spent 1 year there, I can assure you that there is no security issues the Bay Islands!
  • The islands live from tourism, the way of life is therefore very different from the continent.

The bay islands in Honduras are made up of 4 main islands

  • Roatan: the largest, the most developed.
  • Utila : the adventurer's island, inexpensive.
  • Cayos cochinos : a group of deserted islets.
  • Guanaja : little developed, fairly isolated.

carte bay islands (iles de la baie), honduras

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Roatan Island in Honduras

vue aerienne west bay roatan honduras

  • Roatan is the largest of the islands, beautiful beaches all around, not expensive (contrary to what everyone thinks), a relaxed atmosphere (far from Cancun or Playa del Carmen) and very different from Utila.
  • There are many resorts all around the island, but there is also the West End-Sandy bay area, much more relaxed and cheap.
  • developed, you will find everything you need on the island (supermarkets, distributors, stores, car rentals, etc.).
  • Roatan also has a international airport.

The full article on ROATAN here

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Utila Island in Honduras

  • Utila is theisland of the fighters, backparkers.
  • She is known to be very cheap, especially to pass his Open water PADI (level 1), become a divemaster or PADI instructor (That's where I got mine)
  • Much smaller than Roatan, Utila focuses on a part of the island, Utila town.

The full article on UTILA here.

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Cayos cochinos islands in Honduras

  • It's a group of small islands between the mainland and Roatan.
  • Beautiful beaches, very calm, there is only one hotel (Turtle bay Eco Resort).
  • If you want to dive and be alone in the world it's perfect, otherwise, I recommend going on a day trip from Roatan.

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Guanaja Island in Honduras

  • I did not go there, too expensive for my budget ...
  • The island looks beautiful but very little developed.
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Density and variety of fish

plongee honduras roatan banc de poisson

  • It is obvious that overall the seabed of the Caribbean cannot compete with that of Asia or even the Red Sea and Honduras is no exception to the rule.
  • That said, the dives in Honduras are beautiful, especially that of Roatan, undoubtedly in the top 5 dives of the Caribbean.

Honduras has the second largest barrier reef?

plongee honduras roatan recif

  • It always makes me laugh how the centers (or others) are always trying to "Divert" the reality to make you come to them!
  • So yes, the Meso-American barrier reef (the 2nd largest in the world after Australia) is not far away, but she’s not really in Honduras, it is rather in front of Belize!

Diving is cheap in Honduras

  • Ok everything is relative, Honduras is more expensive than Asia, but have very good prices for the Caribbean
  • It's cheaper than Mexico and much cheaper than Guadeloupe and Martinique.
  • Utila is extremely cheap to pass his open water (the cheapest in the world with Thailand), around 300 $ accommodation included!
  • AT Roatan, you can dive for $ 35- $ 40 (€ 31- € 36) by diving if you go to West End. Count in the $ 315 for open water.

Caribbean fish in Honduras

plongee honduras roatan poisson ange

  • The classic Caribbean species are of course there : angel fish, butterfly fish, sergeant major, ballista, snapper, parrot fish…
  • But also : schools of surgeon fish, lobsters, of the morays, small cleaning shrimp, trunk fish ..

Diving with turtles in Honduras

  • Yes, you have turtles in Honduras
  • Especially on de Roatan, where you are almost guaranteed to see each dive (not the case in Utila).

Whale shark in Utila Honduras

requin baleine plongee utila honduras

  • So, I will start right away with the “in Utila, we see whale sharks”, and not really!
  • That's typically the kind of info it's good to check...
  • One of the reasons why I chose Utila to become an instructor, it was in particular to have the chance to see whale sharks, I stayed 2 months, and at the right time, not seen a whale shark…
  • I stayed in touch with instructor friends, and they must have seen 10 in 1 year… so do not go to Utila to see whale sharks, you will be disappointed!

Shark diving in Honduras

plongee requin shark dive roatan honduras

  • Unlike other Caribbean islands like the Bahamas or Belize, there are no sharks on every street corner in Honduras !
  • You have a shark diving in Roatan
    • On the site caja caja (shark dive roatan).
    • You can see 10 to 20 sharks during the dive.
    • the sharks are fed their.
    • Those are the caribbean reef sharks (Caribbean reef shark), which look like bulldog sharks!
    • The shark season in Roatan is all year round.

Large pelagics in Honduras

plongee requin nourrice roatan honduras

  • Honduras is not not famous for its many large pelagics.
  • The biggest and most common are going to be the grouper (tiger, black and nassau), that you come across regularly (especially in Roatan), barracudas and trevally from time to time, snappers
  • Except Roatan shark site and lwhale shark season in Utila, you can only hope to cross a nurse shark here and there.
  • If you are lucky, you might see a eagle ray past, especially along the wall at Roatan.
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Recreational diving in Roatan (Fun dive)

plongee roatan honduras sharpenose puffer

  • Dives are more beautiful in Roatan than in Utila in a general way.
  • Roatan is the island for confirmed divers who want to spend a nice week of diving, not too expensive and see different things from Cozumel, Guadeloupe or Martinique for example.

Roatan diving course

plongee roatan honduras trunkfish

  • Diving courses are more expensive in Roatan than in Utila
  • Not against, I consider the quality of training much better in Roatan than in Utila, because there are a lot less people at the same time, the instructors have a lot more time to teach you well.
  • To be preferred for beginners if you choose quality rather than cost.

The full article on ROATAN here

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Recreational diving in Utila (Fun dive)

plongee roatan honduras murene

  • Dives are worse in Utila than in Roatan in general.
  • In addition, the most beautiful are in the north of the island and the centers rarely go there because they are further away and their priority is the courses (which do not need beautiful dives ...)
  • I will not recommend Utila for a confirmed diver. However, if you are a new diver, you will be delighted with the dives in Utila!

Utila diving course

plongee roatan honduras poisson ange

  • Diving courses are cheaper in Utila than in Roatan.
  • To my knowledge, Utila is the cheapest place in the Caribbean for PADI diving courses.
  • However, the groups are always at the maximum of the authorized standard in terms of number of people, which does not facilitate the quality of the training.
  • Utila is also a party!
  • To be preferred for beginners if you choose the cost and the relaxed atmosphere of the island!

The full article on UTILA here.

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The best diving clubs in Honduras

  • Whether on Roatan or Utila, the quality of the dive centers in Honduras is really good.
  • In general, they meet all the standards of diving, the boats are rather of good quality, just like the material.

French-speaking diving club in Roatan in Honduras

tgi diving roatan

  • The center TGI diving on West Bay in Roatan, in partnership with the  resort Henry Morgan) is focused on diving for Quebecers.
  • Also the center Medialuna on Roatan.

French-speaking diving club in Utila, Honduras

  • There are not to my knowledge of French speaking diving club in Utila.
  • On the other hand, the centers all have instructors who come from all over the world so I'm sure you will find an instructor in one of the centers!
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The best way to get to the Bay Islands in Honduras is by plane directly on Roatan Island or by ferry from La Ceiba.

Getting to Roatan by plane

plongee roatan honduras poisson lion

  • Roatan has an international airport, so it's quite simple, you can land directly on the island.
  • Either from a connection from the United States (Atlanta, Houston or Miami), the mainland (San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa), directly from Canada (Toronto or Montreal for example).
  • Roatan is perfect for Quebecois!

Carte comment se rendre a roatan et utila honduras

Getting to Roatan by ferry: La Ceiba route to Roatan on a boat

  • You must first arrive at Ceiba by bus.
  • I advise you to take the buses transports Cristina, super safe, fast, not too expensive (serve from San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Copan, Guatemala City and Antigua).
  • La Ceiba to Roatan ferry : 2 departures day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. All times and prices: Galaxy waves, $ 65 return, 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Ferry to Utila: La Ceiba to Utila on a boat

  • La Ceiba to Utila ferry : 2 departures day, 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., 45 min.
  • Price: € 46 return.
  • All timetables and prices on Utiladream.

Getting to Utila from Roatan by ferry

coucher de soleil roatan west end honduras


Getting to Cayos Cohinos and Granaja in Honduras

  • It's a bit more complicated, you will definitely need take a boat from Roatan.
  • Inquire on site (at West end, French Harbor or Oak Ridge) because they are private boats.
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My opinion diving in Honduras

So I arrived in Honduras at the Bay Islands in 2015, without really knowing what to expect and I am really not disappointed. Different dives from Southeast Asia, a very nice atmosphere and different from the Costa Maya (Cozumel or Playa del carmen for example), nice reefs, varied dives and a cheap cost (35-40$ diving ). I therefore strongly recommend that you go! Either for a dive stay in Roatan (which is undoubtedly in the top 5 of the Caribbean dives), or to party and spend your cheap open water on Utila!

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