Puerto Galera is one of the best destinations diving of the Philippines. It is true that this place has a lot to offer and the number of dive sites at Puerto Galera is impressive and only 5-10 by boat! The reef is very pleasant, the macro super nice (frogfish, seahorse, nudibranchs ...) and you also have sites for large pelagic (trevallies, barracudas, groupers and even sharks). The diving clubs are very numerous Puerto Galera with many dive resorts (diving center + hotel). The place is really perfect for or diving styles from one or two weeks to Philippines !

Context: I spent almost 2 years in the Philippines, I worked as an instructor in Malapascua and Bohol, then I was manager of French Kiss Divers Coron for 1 year. I dived for 1 week in Puerto Galera.

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pygmy seahorse 1

  • Best diving period Puerto Galera: January to June.
  • Best site Puerto Galera : Verde Island.
  • One of the best value for money to dive in the Philippines
  • Agreat spot for macro : frogfish, seahorse, ghost pipefish, pipefish, nudibranch, shrimp...
  • Also dive sites with big pelagic
  • All dive sites are really close (5-10 min by boat).
  • French diving club: Blue Lagoon resort.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : perfect to start diving (good conditions and good quality center), not much else to do than diving.
> Confirmed : to do, nice sites, varied and easy to access, very good value for money.
> Experienced : very good, especially if you like my macro.


Where is Puerto Galera in the Philippines?

  • Puerto Galera is on the north of Mindoro island.
  • It's one of the first diving destination that has been developed in the Phillippines.
  • There are more than 50 dive centers / dive resort
  • It's a nice small town with all the basics you need bar, restaurent, small shop, massage, ATM...

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Tropical fish

You have all the classic tropical fish : batfish, clownfish, angelfish, damselfish, boxfish, snapper, sweetlips, fusilier...

Macro Puerto Galera

Nudibranch 20

  • Common seahorse.
  • Pygmy seahorse : you have to look in the gorgonians, but you will surely have the chance to find them! Especially the pink Denise.
  • Frogfish : you can see some on almost all the sites near the coast. Giant frogfish of all colors (black, brown, orange ...), warty (black, yellow ...) and even painted frogfish.
  • Ghost pipefish ornate, velvez and robust can be found at Puerto Galera
  • Pipefish : banded and mesmate, especially in the wrecks of Sabang bay
  • Shrimp all types if small little shrimp, especially on the wrecks of Sabang bay
  • Puerto galera is not at Anilao level (just near by), but with a little bit of luck you can find some really rare specimens : sFlanboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, mimic octopus or some really rare frogfish.

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Large pelagics Puerto Galera

On the sites further away from the bay (after Canyon), you can find: trevally, barracuda, grouper, giant sweetlips ...

Puerto Galera shark

  • Like big pelagics, at sites further away from the bay you can see reef sharks: white-tip, black-tip, nurse.
  • There are even times of the year, when the temperature becomes much colder, they regularly see thresher sharks !!

Diving video Puerto Galera Philippines

Diving photos Puerto Galera Philippines

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Map of dive sites Puerto Galera

carte sites de plongee puerto Galera philippines

What are the best Puerto Galera dive sites

Reef Puerto Galera 19

  • Verde island

    • The best dive site of the area
    • Some kind of pinnacle in the middle of the strait always experiencing some current
    • Great coral, especially soft coral
    • A lot of nudibranchs.
    • A site where you can see a lot of life : batfish, angelfish, clownfish...
  • The sites of Sabang bay

Reef Puerto Galera 20

    • Drift dive along walls that follow the shore
    • Nice reef
    • All types of tropical fish
    • Really nice macro : frogfish, (giant, warthy, painted...), pipefish, ghost pipefish, shrimp, all types of nudibranch...
  • Reef Puerto Galera 11The dive sites on the est of the corner

    • Dive site more exposed to current
    • Great chances to see big pelagic giant trevally, grouper, barracuda... and even shark.
    • The topographie is also more diverse, more cracks, canyons, swimthrough...
  • Reef Puerto Galera 18the 3 wrecks of Sabang bay

    • be aware : don't expect huge cargo of 130 m long like in Coron !
    • There are 3 small wrecks that don't have any interest for inside penetrations or huge wreck lovers
    • However, there have become the shelter of a lot of macro, inside like outsideseahorse,ghost pipefish,pipefish,shrimp...)

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You can dive all year round in Puerto Galera but the best diving season is of January to June.

When to dive in Puerto Galera?

Reef Puerto Galera 25 verde

  • Avoid the rainy season in Puerto Galera of July to September.
  • Avoid the cyclone season in Puerto Galera from October to December: the sites are really very close (5 to 10 min by boat), so the area is the area is less impacted than others but some trips can be canceled.

Puerto Galera diving conditions:

  • Visibility in Puerto Galera : good, 20 to 30 m.
  • Water temperature in Puerto Galera : 27-29 ° on average.
  • Current Puerto Galera : weak in the bay, medium to strong elsewhere (especially on Verde Island).
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The best dive clubs in Puerto Galera


  • There are more than 50 dive centers at Puerto Galera, not easy to know which one to choose !

  • Out of the 50 centers, there are many “Specialized” in Chinese and Korean customers.

  • The vast majority will be " dive resorts", That is to say that they will offer you diving + accommodation formulas.
  • The best is Blue lagoon resort (see below).
  • Independent center without accommodation (for small budgets for example): Miscellaneous action: I also dived with them, pprofessional, pleasant, comfortable boats…, cinternational clientele (in the sense not specialized in Chinese or Korean).
  • Captain Greg: iThey've been there for a very long time. I didn't dive with them, i only slept ther

French diving club Puerto Galera: Blue Lagoon resort

blue lagoon

  • Without hesitation, the 1st center that I would recommend is Blue moon live resort.
  • Held by a very professional and very pleasant French couple.
  • their dive resort is just perfect for a week of diving vacation.
  • Thedive organisation is great, the they use quality material and the boats are confortable.
  • They are ideally located on on the beach of La Laguna.
  • That a resort quite confortable, so it won't satisfy every budgetso you can also find accommodation in your budget and only dive with them.


Like diving centers, there are a lot of accommodations in Puerto Galera!

Blue Lagoon resort in Puerto Galera


  • It is a resort rather comfort, small bungalows surrounded by a small garden
  • Right in front of Laguna beach.
  • Big restaurant and bar

Other Hotel diving

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Getting to Puerto Galera from Manila is fairly straightforward.

Route Manila to Puerto Galera

The journey from Manila to Puerto Galera is quite simple and will take you approximately 5 to 6h depending on the boat you take.

Trip Manila to Batangas

  • Take the bus to Batangas (about 3 hours) from Manila.
  • There are lots of buses, I took the DLTBCo at Buendia LRT bus station.

Batangas to Puerto Galera

  • From Batangas, take boat to Mindoro.
  • There are 2 arrival ports but basically it's the same thing.
  • Be careful with the boat you take, there are fast (speedboats, about 1 hour) and ferry (carrying cars and other trucks, much longer, about 2 to 3 hours).
  • Once in Mindoro, take a tricycle to Sabang (which is where the dive centers are located).

Note: the roads are not yet very good on Mindoro (this information will change in the coming years it is for sure), but in 2019, it is not possible to go from Puerto Galera to Sablayan by car ( to pair with a trip to Apo reef for example)

carte comment aller a puerto galera philippines

#Overview #Presentation #Diving #Sites #seasons #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Puerto Galera is the last place I have dived in the Philippines, so I think I can really compare! Of course it is not not at the level of Tubbataha orApo reef, you will not have fox shark like at Malapascua or whale sharks like at Padre Burgos or Donsol, nor ofwrecks of the 2nd war like at Coron. However, you want to make a nice diving stay in the Philippines, with some nearby sites, some healthy coral, of the macro on all sites, big on some, all of this at a very affordable price, so go to Puerto Galera ! It's really the best diving quality in the Philippines with Bohol and Padre Burgos.

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