Raja Ampat in Indonesia is listed among the 10 top world dives. This huge marine park, located in the heart of the coral triangle, is divided into several zones, the south (Misool), the center (dampier strait) and the north. The diving in Misool at Raja Ampat is spectacular, with certainly the most beautiful wealth of corals of the whole park, to see of all Indonesia! You can see extraordinary things in Misool, manta rays, huge school of mobula rays, schools of fish in all directions, superb macro, sharks, large pelagics ... The area also has a site really exceptional, Magic mountain, or we can sometimes observe oceanic manta rays. But beware, no accommodation available, it will be necessary to make a on liveaboards in liveaboards to be able to go to Misool at Raja ampat.

Context: I did a diving cruise in 2017, then 2 years later I was cruise director on a liveaboard in Raja ampat, so I know the area well!

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  • Top 10 diving in the world !
  • One of the two zones major of Raja Ampat.
  • Best dive season diving : November to April.
  • To do in diving cruise (liveaboard).
  • Best dive sites: Magic mountain, Four kings, Boo window, Nudi rock, Whale rock, Neptune's sea fan, Andiamo, The candy store.
  • Entry fee to Raja Ampat Park : 1,000,000 RP (€ 55).
  • Current marine life (the list goes on!)sharks (gray, white tip, black tip,  big stuff pelagic (napoleon, giant trevally, tuna, barracuda, jacks, humpback parrot)…
  • Possible Species : Manta rays, school of mobulas rays, wobbegong, "walking" shark (endemic to Raja Ampat).
  • Macro : frogfish, pygmy seahorse, ghost fish, nudibranch.
  • Access : land at Sorong (in Papua).
Recommendations by category of divers:Logo-plongeur-baroudeur

> New diver : not recommended.
> Confirmed : to do absolutely if you have the budget and experience with the current.
> Experienced : to do absolutely! It is a must of diving !!
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The full article on RAJA AMPAT here!

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Where is Misool at Raja Ampat?

  • Misool is to the south of the archipelago Raja Ampat in Indonesia, and is part of the island of Papua.
  • Misool is one of two main dive areas of Raja Ampat (with the Dampier strait) and contains dozens of sites, each one more beautiful than the other.


Misool area map

Some best dive sites from the area of Misool are located in the south east of the island, around Yillet, Boo, Fiabacet, Daram, Warakaret, Yayilbatan, Balbulol, or Pelee.

carte iles misool raja ampat indonesie

The landscapes above the water are just superb!


  • The landscapes above the water are spectacular, you are really at the end of the world !
  • You have some beautiful lagoons where cruise ships will stop to anchor the boat: Balbulol, Yillet



#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


How is diving in Misool?

Diving in Misool, as everywhere in Raja Ampat, is SPEC-TA-CU-LAIRE !!!

plongee raja ampat indonesie carangue

  • Raja ampat is located in the heart of Coral triangle, that is to say the greatest marine biodiversity in the world !
  • As soon as you put your head under water you take full eyes !
  • Of coral of all the colours and of all forms, sharks, barracudas benches, bumphead parrotfish, napoleons, pygmy seahorses… the list is long !
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNote : What characterizes Misool compared to the rest of Raja Ampat :> The quality and the amount of soft corals.
> The possibility of seeing oceanic manta rays at Magic mountain
> Magic mountain is considered to be the most beautiful site in all of Raja ampat and one of the best in the world!

Raja ampat is the most beautiful coral of the world ? Without a doubt !

plongee raja ampat indonesie recif 3

  • Some Raja ampat reefs are considered to be most of the world!
  • Raja Ampat is not in the heart of the coral triangle for nothing !
  • Macro: diversity and the variety corals is just awesome !!
  • Gorgons : there are some all over and they are huge !
  • Soft corals : it's not even soft corals, it's soft coral fields of all the colors!
  • Hard corals : more than 600 species present!
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNote : Misool and the area around Fiabacet / Boo probably has the best diversity and quality of corals in the entire Raja Ampat area

Can we see sharks at RajaAmpat?

plongee raja ampat indonesie requin tapis wobbegong 1

  • Some white tip sharks and black tips, it is almost every dive !
  • Some gray sharks are very present but not at all sites.
  • Some wobbegong (a very rare shark from the family of carpet sharks) is in Raja Ampat, you just have to look for it, very often sleeping under a rock!
  • It is possible to find feeding sharks and leopard sharks.
  • And finally the famous walking »shark, endemic to Raja Ampat (it was officially discovered in 2012!).
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNote : we meet more sharks wobbegongs and of walking sharks in the dampier strait than in Misool.

Manta rays at Raja Ampat

plongee raja ampat indonesie manta raie 2

  • Some manta rays are present at Raja Ampat.
  • We can see on any site !
  • There are many cleaning stations, as manta sandy in the Dampier Strait.
  • But the best known is Magic mountain Misool, because on this site they are ocean manta rays who come (6-7 m wingspan!).
  • Among all the manta rays you may have the chance to meet thea famous black manta !
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNote : If you can, go absolutely to Magic mountain, we can sometimes see ocean manta rays, which is very rare!

I let you judge not yourself by this little video of manta rays at Magic Mountain :

School of mobulas rays at Raja Ampat

plongee raja ampat indonesie raie mobula 2

  • Mobula rays roam the waters of Raja Ampat.
  • You can come across it on any site.
  • Some sites have shoals of dozens of mobulas that come out of nowhere!


Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNote : the best site to be guaranteed to see it is Anchovia at Misool!

There are large pelagics and schools of fish everywhere in Raja ampat!

plongee raja ampat indonesie perroquet a bosse 3

The number of large pelagics is just incredible at Raja Ampat, and in addition, they are often in school !!

  • Barracuda bench (chevron, yellow-tail ...).
  • School of trevallies (blue fin trevally, horse-eyed jack…).
  • Giant trevally (giant jacks)
  • Tuna that hunt
  • Napoleon
  • Grouper (including the giant grouper which can reach more than 2 m)
  • Mogul parrot bench
  • Benches of snappers, platax, fusiliers, sweetlips…

Macro to Raja Ampat: the photographers will have fun!

plongee raja ampat indonesie hippocampe pygmee 4

The macro at Raja Ampat is a feast for the eyes !

  • The whole family of frog fish, stone fish, leaf fish, scorpion fish
  • Classic seahorses, but above all pygmy seahorses (denise, bargibanti and pontohi).
  • Raja ampat also has a endemic pygmy hippocampus : the " santa claus "(Santa Claus, see photo opposite).
  • Ghost fish and fish pipes.
  • Dozens and dozens of nudibranchs different.

Raja Ampat Misool diving video

A summary of my 30 dives at Misool, it gives you a good overview of what you can see under the water! My most watched video so far !!

#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Misool = diving cruise

The main difference between Misool and the Strait of Dampier and the way to dive.

misool raja ampat indonesie 4

  • Misool is mainly constituted small rocky islands where it is very difficult to build or the places are protected…
  • There are no accommodation.
  • The only one that exists is the Misool Eco resort and it's super expensive!



Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNotes : So for dive in Misool, you will have to make a on liveaboards in liveaboard

The full article on MISOOL here!

  • The Strait of Dampier (the islands of Kri, Gam, Waigeo ...) is more conducive to construction and therefore has much more housing.
  • You have all the ranges, from homestay cheap at dive resorts very luxurious.
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurNotes : So if you want a solution more economical, you can dive into the Strait of Dampier from one of the islands.

The full article on how to dive cheaper in Raja Ampat here!

In terms of the quality of the dive

plongee raja ampat indonesie raie manta

  • Honestly, it's hard to compare, I took a lot of eyes in both areas !
  • Dampier strait : numerous sea mounts and an impressive number of pelagics around, much better visibility than in Misool, more wobbegong sharks and walking sharks.
  • Misool : quality and quantity of soft corals, possibility of seeing ocean manta rays and Magic mountain, the most beautiful site of all Raja ampat.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


As I explain just above, theThe big difference with the Dampier Strait is that for dive in Misool you will have to make a on liveaboards (a liveaboard) at departure from Sorong.

Choose your Raja Ampat diving cruise

I was director of a liveaboard (liveaboard) on Raja Ampat / Komodo for 1 year, I think I know the subject well!

All the basic tips for choosing a liveaboard in this article!


  • There was only a dozen liveaboard 20 years ago now there are more than 60!
  • Not easy to choose ... Everything will depend as usual on your budget and quality of service you are looking for.
  • Most are comfortable and upscale and we also find someone cheaper, but but with much less service
  • When you look at the price, pay attention to the length of stay. All liveaboards do not have the same duration, it goes from 8 days, to 10, 12, see 14!
  • Look at the routes, Raja Ampat is very big, and you take a liveaboard mainly for Misool (south), so make sure that the liveaboard goes there!

To find, compare and book a diving cruise for Raja Ampat, I could not find better than this site!

Best liveaboards Raja Ampat

I have gathered my information from the field + that of instructor friends + a little internet research to try to help you a little in your research.

plongee raja ampat indonesie recif

Some liveaboards cheapest for Raja ampat, in roots mode or shared cabin

The 2 are kif-kif.

JayaJAYAThe 2 cheapest for 7 days.
From 1534 € for 7 days
4 cabins are twin beds and 2 cabins with double beds, plus air conditioning. Well rated on liveaboard.com.


ratu lautRATU LAUTThe 2 cheapest for 7 days.
From 1534 € for 7 days
2 large 4-bed cabins and 2 twin cabins. Well rated on liveaboard.com.


Some liveaboards best value for money for Raja Ampat

Pearl of papuaPEARL OF PAPUAThe best for 8 days
From 2647 € for 8 days
A good, comfortable boat. The additional costs (marine park, port costs) are much cheaper than the Galigo.

Le galigo

GaligoThe best for 8 days
From 2647 € for 8 days
Comfortable boat with a luxury suite available (large flat screen with PS4 and private balcony with a 270 ° view…).


Some liveaboards comforts for Raja ampat:

AuroraDune Aurora The best for the crew
From € 3,429 for 10 days
It is the boat where I worked so… Super crew, really they are always with the small care for you, the rooms are comfortable, there is a lot of space…



AmbaiThe best for photographers!
From € 3,559 for 10 days
They have been there for a very long time and have an excellent reputation. A room dedicated to cameras. French guide on board normally!


Some liveaboards luxuries for Raja Ampat


Pindito - The best for knowing Raja Ampat
From € 4,670 for 12 days
The benchmark on the market, it was the first liveaboard on Raja ampat! We know all the nooks and crannies of Raja. Be careful, they are trying to diversify (Triton bay…) and offer less and less Raja stays.

Siren fleet

Indo siren The best for comfort
From 4844 € for 12 days
Absolute comfort! To get on it, I confirm that everything is done to make you as comfortable as possible!


The best dive cruises for Raja Ampat here

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Map of dive sites Misool Raja Ampat

There are over 30 dive sites on the area Misool of Raja Ampat:

  • Most dives are made around small islands, very often subject to a strong current ...
  • But also a lot of sea mounts (kinds of islands immersed in the open sea).
  • Some cleaning stations at manta rays (Magic mountain).
  • Particular configurations like wineries or caves

carte sites de plongee misool raja ampat indonesie

Best Misool Raja Ampat dive sites

Misool Eco resort area (Boo, Fiabacet, Yillet):

The best area in Misool, the quantity and diversity of fish and corals is just amazing here!

meilleure plongee indonesie raja ampat raie manta

  • Magic mountain : Raja Ampat's best dive site !
    • The site everyone wants to make when it comes to Misool.
    • It is a “sea mount” (a submerged mountain).
    • There's everything at Magic mountain!
    • Big Pelagic in a mess: giant trevally, wrasse, trevally, humpback parrot, tuna that hunt…
    • All types of sharks : gray, black tip, white tip, wobbegong, leopard…
    • Some snapper shoals, of riflemen, of batfish
    • It is especially one of the rare cleaning station at ocean manta rays (they are up to 7 m wide!),
  • Anchoviesplongee raja ampat indonesie raie mobula
    • An incredible site!
    • A big pinnacle in the middle of nowhere where we are almost sure to see schools of mobulas rays past, an exceptional show!
    • I do not by good on not even the number of large pelagic present: school of barracudas, huge grouper, gray shark, giant trevally, napoleon…

plongee misool raja ampat indonesie nudi rock

  • Boo window, Boo is, Nudi rock, Whale rock, Tank rock
    • All these sites are amazing and quite similar and I would have basically written the same 5 times.
    • A splendid coral and varied throughout the dive.
    • Some large pelagic and schools of fish everywhere.
    • It is even possible to see passing manta rays or schools of mobulas rays.

Waylibatan area:

plongee raja ampat indonesie recif

  • Four kings
    • 4 species of small pinnacles sticking out in the middle of nowhere.
    • A great site that full of life, large pelagics (napoleon, humpback parrot, giant trevally ...), schools of fish everywhere (barracuda, trevally, snapper, fusilier ...
    • It is even possible to see passing manta rays or schools of mobulas rays.
  • Barracuda rock
  • Neptune's sea fan

Daram area:

plongee raja ampat indonesie recif

  • Andiamo, The candy store and Warna berwaran, all of these sites are cool and quite similar.
  • Splendid coral everywhere
  • Large pelagics and school of fish at will: hump parrot, bigeye trevally, napoleon, tuna, snapper, barracuda, fusilier ...


misool raja ampat indonesie 12

Balbulol area

Not the best area of Misool because of the poor visibility (5 to 10 m sometimes), the lagoons are however superb!

  • Farondi cave
  • No contest


#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


We can almost dive all year round Raja Ampat but the best season is from November to May.

plongee raja ampat indonesie recif

When to dive in Raja ampat?

  • The best time to dive in Raja Ampat is from December to April.
  • Avoid the rainy season in Raja ampat from June to September, especially in July and August.
  • Diving cruise season (liveaboard) in Raja Ampat is from November to April. The rest of the year, most are Komodo.

Raja ampat diving conditions:

  • Visibility in Raja ampat : it depends a lot on the area and the period.
    • Visibility is always better in the Dampier Strait than in Misool.
    • Visibility is always better in January to April.
  • Raja Ampat water temperature : around 28-30 ° C all year round.
  • Current Raja Ampat : very common and they can be very strong on some sites.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


croisiere plongee liveaboard raja ampat indonesie

  • As mentioned above, the area is not really buildable or protected so there is no diving club or accommodation at Misool.
  • The only one is the Misool eco resort and it's very, very luxurious, I let you see the prices on their site!
  • The best solution is liveaboard diving cruise.



Misool diving hotel

The only accommodation in Misool is the Misool Eco Resort!

misool raja ampat indonesie 3

Sorong accommodation

If you made a night in Sorong before or after your stay,  here are the hotels that I can recommend:

#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


It is not not easy to get to Raja Ampat, it's going to be a long journey, but it takes land in Sorong in Indonesia.

carte comment aller a raja ampat indonesie

Land in Sorong

misool raja ampat indonesie 6

  • To go to Raja Ampat, it will take land in Sorong in Papua.
  • For that, there are direct flights only since Makassar (the most used), Manado and Jakarta.
  • If you are in Asia, you have a lot of connections that will take you to Makassar: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok
  • Several companies: Air Asia, Lion air, Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya…

Sorong airport to cruise ship

  • Sorong Airport is located 15 minutes by taxi from the cruise ship pier for Raja Ampat.
  • Liveaboard staff will pick you up at the airport from Sorong and will take you directly to the boat.
#Overview #Presentation #Diving with #Misool vs Detroit #Site #Bira #Club #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


I updated the article after being cruise director to give you more detailed information, but I left you my diver's opinion 1 year before!

I was amazed by the Dampier Strait, and I was just as amazed by Misool! The diving is just fantastic!! So yes it must be done on a diving cruise, which costs more, but what a pleasure to walk in the middle of these magnificent islands and make superb dives 3 to 4 times a day! Value for money compared to other top 10 diving destinations (Galapagos, Isla del coco, French Polynesia, Palau…), Raja Ampat is very well placed. Pelagics in shambles, the most beautiful coral in the world, sharks, mantas, schools of barracudas and trevallies, exceptional macro, different topographies ... TO DO ABSOLUTELY !!

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