If you are looking for a place where to spend your divemaster, I have a good option to present to you here. Make your divemaster in Roatan in Honduras has several advantages and I will detail all of this in this article.

So I worked for 1 year as an instructor at Coconut Tree various in Roatan in Honduras. It's a big 5 stars PADI center. I participated in the training of more than twenty DMTs, so I think I have a good vision!

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Relaxed atmosphere in Roatan


  • If you are looking for information about diving in Honduras, or about Bay islands We will find a lot of Utila, a cone island known for years by fighters, where the cost of living is not expensive and where we celebrate a lot.
  • You will find much less on Roatan, which has much more of an island image with luxury hotels where everything is expensive. And yet, this is not the case!
  • The atmosphere in Roatan is very laid back (the full article on Roatan here). Yes there are a number of springs all around the island, but there are many other places where life is very relaxed and no more expensive than Utila.

Where to sleep in Roatan? In West end!

  • The best example is West End, that's where I was, a 10e dive centers, restaurants, bars, beautiful beaches, beautiful sunsets, inexpensive local food, a small supermarket…
  • A bit like Gili Air in Indonesia (the article on my divemaster at Gili here), in West End, if you want to go out, you can, if you do not want, you're just going to sit at the bar and quietly discuss a beer in your hand (which is harder to do on Utila, where it's really party every night).

Cost of living in Roatan


  • First homes will start around $ 200 / month (That's what I found at first, for a small room with wifi). Then you will surely find a house to share for 250-300 $ / month.
  • If you are a couple, there are plenty of nice apartments for $ 500-600 / month.
  • If you do your divemaster at Coconut Tree Divers, you can sleep in the "DM house" ! Basically a clean room with fridge for $ 10 / day, or 300 / month.
  • On average a meal costs $ 4-5 (even cheaper if you want).
  • A beer = $ 2
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Atmosphere at various coconut tree


  • It's a good atmosphere at Coconut Tree!
  • At 5 am, the day is over (sometimes before!) And it's " beer time "with colleagues !
  • Unlike other dive centers in the West End, it is not uncommon for DMTs (DiveMasters in Trainee, that is to say you!), Instructors, divers, bosses… to drink beers in the center after the diving day.
  • Some barbecues or other special evenings are also often organized.
  • For 1 year, I saw about 20 DMTs and the atmosphere has always been excellent!
  • Contact : Monthy Graham, website
Coconut tree various 2016 birthday:

Center size


  • Coconut Tree Divers has 15 years of existence and is the biggest center of West End.
  • 4 departures per day + night dives
  • Many courses and they are varied, you will see everything in Coconut tree divers, open water, advanced, rescue, nitrox ...
  • 4 permanent instructors see 5 in high season
  • Some Hondurans and Europeans, but clientele almost exclusively North American (some Quebecers from time to time!)

The "staff meeting" at the various coconut tree


  • Every 2 months or so, we get a " staff meeting "
  • This consists of doing a “sunset cruise”, that is to say that take the beers, the rum, the coke, the ice cubes and we go on the boat at sunset with music !!


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There is nothing better than a video!

Make your divemaster as an internship: be a DMT!


  • Coconut Tree has a divemaster program exclusively in the form of an internship (discover here the 8 reasons to do your divemaster internship).
  • The commitment at home is 6 weeks minimum. Most DMTs (this is how you will be called when you do your divemaster internship = DiveMaster in Training) are about 2 months, some up to 3 months.

 The PADI Divemaster Program


  • The theory : behavior and knowledge of a divemaster (group management, working in a diving center, etc.) and fundamentals of diving (physics, physiology, decompression theory, equipment, knowledge of aquatic life, etc.)
  • Physical tests: float for 15 min, swim 400 m, tow an unconscious diver, exchange equipment under water ...
  • Exercises related to training : know how to ensure an "upgrade", demonstrate all the exercises of the open water (skills circuit) ...
  • Diving guide exercises : pre-dive briefing, guide under water, draw a map of a site ...

The complete detail of the divemaster training here.

Coconut tree divers: complete training


What will be your daily life:

  • Prepare the equipment of the boat (oxygen kit, spare equipment, charge
  • Welcome clients and help them prepare
  • Accompany the instructors in fun dive or assist them during a class
  • Do the briefings on the boat
  • Help clean the equipment at night

In addition to the standard PADI program, Coconut Tree Divers to add:


  • The use of a compressor (Well, at first it's
    super interesting, after when you fill bottles for 3 hours under the sun, it's immediately less fun ...)
  • Enhanced knowledge of the material : they make you spend a quiz on the
    different equipment used in diving
  • Knowledge of local marine life : you will have to learn the names of the most common species and pass the quizzes
  • Mooring a boat : every day you will have to moor the boat using the marine knotss most known (bow line, sheet bend, 2 half hitches ...)
  • Guide at least 5 times your own team (and even more if you can)

Number of DMT


  • The number of Divemaster varies throughout the year, when I arrived there was only one, then 4-5 and I saw up to 10. In average I would say 5-6.
  • The size of the center is perfect for a DMT programis not the factory like Utila or Koh Tao, but big enough for everyone to be busy, to dive every day and to make friends DMTs in passing!

English formation


  • For information, all training will be taught in English.
  • Although there will always be an instructor who will speak French, most of the instructors / bosses only speak English and all materials will be in English.
  • So if your level of English is not enough, I do not think this is a good solution!
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  • Pass your divemaster at Coconut Tree Divers will cost you about $ 800-1000 (it will depend on the package you hang).
  • This includes training costs for the center, registration fees with PADI and training materials.
  • This is the average price you find everywhere in Roatan and the Caribbean.
  • It does not include food or accommodation (you can stay at the "DM house" for $ 10 / day).
  • The minimum duration is 6 weeks, but you stay 2 or 3 months, they will not make you pay more.
#Roatan #Coconut tree #The divemaster #Cost #Diving with #After the divemaster #My diving review



  • The diving is nice and varied in Roatan. It's one of the most beautiful places I've seen in the Caribbean, with Cozumel (the article on Cozumel here).
  • Good visibility, coral everywhere, all the fish of the Caribbean, wrecks, sites with particular topographies ...
  • `After there are no particular species or seasons, there are no manta rays, whale sharks (in Utila either…) or reef sharks everywhere. However, you have turtles everywhere, eagle rays fairly regularly, huge groupers, sometimes schools of trevallies ...
  • Honestly, to spend your divemaster is perfect.

The full article on dives in Roatan here.

#Roatan #Coconut tree #The divemaster #Cost #Diving with #After the divemaster #My diving review


Difficult to work as a divemaster


  • He will be difficult to work as a Divemaster in Roatan or in the Caribbean as a rule.
  • As in Asia, the centers prefer to use premises to make divemasters and not pay them very dearly, as much in Roatan, centers prefer to employ instructors.
  • If you want to work as a divemaster, you will need to be an instructor! I know, it is to understand nothing! 

Pass your IDC and become an instructor


  • Maybe not as much as Utila (the island next door, the full article here), but Roatan is also a place well known for becoming an instructor. There are exam sessions every month (at worst you have to go to Utila).
  • Coconut Tree Divers has a PADI Director Course (the person who prepares you for the instructor exam), he is the oldest of the island, the most experienced and he's still 100% successful since he started (more info here)!
  • It will be very easy for you to switch from your divemaster to your IDC (Instructor Development Course = training to become an instructor)! Over a year back I would say that that's what DMTs 70% did!
  • You also have TGI diving who has a Trainer Instructor (the equivalent of a Director's Race) if you want to become an SSI instructor.

Work as an instructor


  • There are approximately 50 diving centers spread all over the island and as in many places in the dive, there is a lot of turnover at the instructor level.
  • So by looking good, being patient and avoiding the low season (from September to November), you should find a job.
  • I found after a week, but I was lucky. usually Coconut Tree Divers only hires instructors who made their divemaster or IDC with them (Which is logical), but here they were looking for someone who speaks French, so coup de bol! 

Training you in tech diving

  • 19-faire-son-divemaster-coconut-tree-divers-tech-dving-trimix-min.jpgCoconut Tree Divers is a highly recognized center for learning to dive tech. Mainly thanks to one of his bosses, Monty Graham, who is a former commercial diver.
  • He has been teaching tech diving for over 10 years and has managed to make a name for himself.
  • He does courses sidemount, TECH 45, 50,55, 100, Trimix ... quite regularly. If you want to try tech diving, this is the right place!
#Roatan #Coconut tree #The divemaster #Cost #Diving with #After the divemaster #My diving review


Looking back and what I have seen elsewhere, I would say that spending your divemaster in Roatan is a very good option. The atmosphere on the island is relaxed, the diving centers quite busy, cheap life, the conditions are good, the dives are beautiful and varied, you have opportunities after your divemaster… If you are able to do the 100% training in English, Coconut Tree Divers is also a good choice. The atmosphere set up by the two bosses is great, the center is really formative, you dive and learn every day, you have other DMTs with you… I really enjoyed working there for 1 year and all the DMTs whom I also met!

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