As diver we are often led to travel in tropical countries and we are faced with the problem of findingpotable water. Like everyone, I got tired of buying plastic bottles when I was thirsty. Why can't I use tap water like in France !? Well we can! Better than Micropur tablets, the filter bottle lifestraw makes any type ofpotable water ! No more buying bottles, no diving missed due to illness and economy, be a responsible diver and go to the travel filter bottle !

Context: I have been working in tropical countries since 2014 and I face the problem of drinking water every day! Since my passage in the Philippines (manager of the French kiss center various coron in 2018), I bought the Lifestraw filter gourd and I use it every day!

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  • lifestraw-demonstartion-0-paille1Filtered any type of water and makes it drinkable.
  • Typical examples of water: non-potable tropical country water, river water, well water, snow, rainwater...
  • No more buying plastic water bottles (a gesture for the environment)
  • Replaces iodine lozenges (Micropur).
  • Ideal for travelers, hikers, campers...
  • Can not not desalinate sea water.
# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


  • lifestraw-demonstartion-1Lifestraw use a hollow fiber membrane.
  • This membrane has microscopic pores that trap pathogens.
  • Some parasites and the bacteria being larger than the pores of the filters, the water passes through but pathogens exceeding 0.2 microns remain trapped by the filter (this exceeds the US EPA standard).
  • Some models also have a carbon capsule who absorbs chemicals such as chlorine or pesticides and thus eliminates bad taste and odors.
  • Simple to use : no preparation, no battery, no electric recharging, no chemicals, no maintenance…
  • The result: 99.9999% DRINKING water!

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# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


If you’re like me the first time I heard about it, a little gullible on the principle (especially that it's been more than 10 years that it exists and that it is not yet popular in France), make your own opinion by watching Youtube videos!

The only good I found in French:

To visualize the process, without speaking English.

This is a good presentation video, but in English with subtitles.

These 2 there (in English) make me laugh!

# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review



Tropical countries: be able to drink hotel water!

  • lifestraw-produit-1-bouteille-seuleA diver often travels to less developed countries, where the quality of the water is uncertain.
  • Solutions:
    • Buy some plastic water bottles everyday : really not ecological
    • Use micropur lozenges : not 100% easy to use (put it every time you want to drink), wait for the dissolution (sometimes 1 hour), do not always have them with us, do not forget them before going on a trip…
    • Fill our bottle in free water fountains or not expensive: great idea, but there is not yet everywhere…
  • With the filter gourds like Lifestraw, no more problems, you fill the water as if you were in France at the tap of the hotel / guest house and you have drinking water !

Diving cruise: don't get sick on board!

  • You cannot buy bottles of water on a liveaboard, you are dependent on the water you are given ...
  • To have worked there, we can always have problems with the filtration system we use (it happened…, result 3 days of intestinal flu for me and 5 days for 2 divers, due to poor filtration of water…)
  • Don't take the risk of getting sick on a liveaboard!

Note: filter gourds cannot desalt sea water

# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


Like everyone, I asked myself the question of the lifespan of these filter gourds and their filters:

MAIN FILTER = the one that makes the water drinkablelifestraw-produit-3-filtre-de-remplacement

  • Gourds can filter up to 1000L of water (= more than 1500 refills).
  • Ex: the extreme case (you use it every day like me):
    • if you filter 1L of water per day = 365L / year.
    • 1000L / 365L = 2.7 years!
  • Ex: the more classic case with a maximum of 5 weeks of vacation per year (35 days):
    • if you filter 1L of water per day for 5 weeks = 35L / year
    • 1000L / 35L = 28 years old!
    • er, i think the life should be enough there !!
  • The filter can be purchased independently of the main bottle.

CARBON CAPSULE = the one that cancels ltaste of closing

  • Can filter up to 100 L.
  • The filter can be purchased independently of the main bottle.lifestraw-capsule-carbonne
  • Note: If you don't change it, the water will always be drinkable, only the absorption of chlorine and its bad taste will no longer happen.
# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


  • The market leader.
  • Exceeds standards:lifestraw-demonstartion-7
    • NSF53 for the reduction of lead and other heavy metals.
    • NSF42 for chlorine reduction.
    • US EPA for the reduction of bacteria and parasites.
  • The media are unanimous on lifestraw :
    • BBC : “If bottled water is hard to deliver, portable water purifiers are vital”
    • CNN : “Powerful weapon against African diseases.”
    • THE NEW YORK TIMES : “LifeStraw Saves Those Without Access to Clean Drinking Water.”
  • lifestraw-resulat-impact-enfantDo a good deed :
    • For each product Lifestraw bought, a schoolboy receives drinking water for 1 year.
    • In 2018, Lifestraw cared for more than a million children in Africa.

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# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


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LIFESTRAW GO filter water bottle = filter + solid water bottlelifestraw-produit-1-bouteille-seule

  • The one I use.
  • This is the version " solid gourd", Without BPA.
  • If you are already used to traveling with a bottle, this is perfect!
  • Capacity 65 cl.
  • I went around the net and the best to buy it is still Amazon : cheaper, 2094 reviews, 85% with 4 or 5 stars!

LIFESTRAW Go 2 stage filter water bottle = + carbon capsule (reduces chlorine taste)


  • The same as the Lifestraw Go + the 2nd filtration stage with its carbon capsule who absorbs chemicals such as the chlorine where the pesticides as well as the bad taste and odors.
  • The carbon capsule
    • with a lifespan of 100L.
    • can be purchased independently of the main bottle.
    • If you don't change it, thewill always be drinkable, only the absorption of chlorine and its bad taste will no longer be done.
  • lifestraw-flex-produit-1The "flask" is flexible, so you can fold it to store it and there is no risk of breaking it.
  • Its filter is half the size of the Lifestraw Go, therefore a service life 2 times less (but considering the service life of the filter, it is still more than enough!).
  • Capacity 65 cl.
  • It comes standard with carbon capsule.

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If I had a choice today, I don't know which one I would choose,
the lifestraw Flex or the lifestraw Go

  • Macro: lifestraw Flex is good because she is flexible, it is convenient.
  • Its one filter half the life…, But if we go on diving holidays, hikes or camping only a few times a year, it’s more than enough to last 10 years !
  • Macro: lifestraw Go it's the one I use every day, I'm used to it.
  • It's like a gourd we would take on a trip.
  • It is solid, so you can put it anywhere, it does not leak ...
  • His small carabiner is super practical, you can hang it anywhere, on your bag, on the boat ...

LIFESTRAW Personal = filter only (4000 L)

  • lifestraw-paille-filtranteThe story of lifesrtaw started with this personal filter, which you can take anywhere.
  • Perfect for hikers, campers who can drink the water at their disposal (river water for example).
  • This "straw" can filter up to 4000 L!
  • No gourd, no carbon capsule.
# Overview # Principle # Videos # Diver # Lifetime # Lifestraw # products # My diving review


  • By rummaging on the net and on Amazon in particular, I also found these products, which are basically copies of lifestraw but cheaper.
  • Unlike Lifestarw that I use, I don't know their performance, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty good!



I am really glad to have discovered this product and I advises all traveling divers who often go abroad. I you recommend the Lifestraw Go (filter + solid water bottle) because it is the one I use every day and with which I have no problem. Then, if you prefer with the carbon capsule (Lifestraw Go 2 floor) or have a flexible bottle like the Lifestraw flex I understand ! The important thing is that when you have bought it: you make a gesture for ecology (stop throwing plastic), you significantly reduce the risk of travel-related illnesses (no more missed diving), you have always drinking water available and you make savings (no need to buy bottles or micropurs)!

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