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The blog with the "real" diving infos of the best destinations!

Why This Blog?

Hello friends divers! Welcome to my blog !!


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Already, I will start by introducing myself, my name is Tony, I am 39 years old and I discovered diving in 2011.
In 2014 I left everything to spend my divemaster and very quickly become instructor. Since then I have been working in the diving industry asinstructor, dive center director or liveaboard director.
As soon as I am not working, I dive in places that I do not know !!!
So I had the chance to dive into more than 50 destinations  (as you can see on my personal T-shirt ahahah) and I have more 2500 dives !
So I have a passionate but also professional look and it is this mix that you will find in all my articles.
I hate to waste time, especially when I am looking for information, so my articles are not narratives my condensed info for everyone!

Where did the idea for the blog come from?

To make it short, one day I got tired of my job and became a divemaster in Indonesia (more info here). After my divemaster, I wanted to do all the best sites in Asia and that's where I realized the difficulty finding "real" information on the internet dive.

  1. Si only speak French, it's super complicated! The majority of info is in English.
  2. There are so many dive destinationsIt's not easy to know which ones to choose.
  3. The difficulty of to know the true of the false on the infos that we find, especially on what we can really see and when!
  4. And once there? it's not just diving, there's everything else !!
  5. The cost! Diving is expensive anyway, especially in prestigious destinations.

My 3 month trip to Indonesia


So I went on a 3 month trip to Indonesia and wanted to do all the best spots (Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bira, Sipadan...)! During this trip, I spent a lot of time looking for information to organize my trip.

Finally, what has served me the most Those are 2 or 3 blogs on the dive, having time and look on the spot and especially info given by my network of friends instructors or divers.

Since that trip I became a diving instructor and I tried to continue to dive in the best spots. This blog is made to give you the maximum quality info during my diving trips.

What will you find in this blog?

# Photos and videos


Passionate about photography and video, I put for each destination thephotos of the coolest species and I'm doing a video editing of my dives on the area. This allows you to realize the marine life, the type of diving, visibility ...

For example: do you know Roatan in Honduras? Well, look at the videoit will give you an idea why this little diving paradise was voted the # 1 island in Central America on trip advisor in 2016!

# Max info: marine life, visibility, conditions, types of diving, seasonality of the rarest species, for what type of diver…

1Manta - above close (Derawan)-minThis is often the hardest to find depending on the destinations. 

There are often sfor the rarest species like whale sharks or manta rays.

The conditions of a zone can also change from one month to another, especially the visibility or the temperature some water. It's no more frustrating to come to a beautiful place at the wrong time!

A concrete example: I have often heard that you have to go to Cozumel to see whale sharks. Yes, and see you Articleyou will see that it's not really in Cozumel and it's only 3 months a year ...

# The best sites on site, the details and the best plans


Diving centers always make sure they take you to the best sites, and of course it's not always the case…

Being an instructor allows me to discuss in a different way with other instructors on the spot and I try always get the right info and the right tips.

A very good example: if you want to do Dos ojos, which is the most famous cenote in mexico, I strongly advise you to read Article if you really want to do it in good conditions!

# Tariffs and how to pay less

Between the info from my instructor friends and the time taken on the spotI always try to find the best solutions to pay as little as possible.

The best example is undoubtedly Raja Ampat. I thought like many of you that this would be off budget for me, and well go see Articleyou will see that you can dive there for 15 days fed, housed and do 20 dives for 900 €!

# Practical information: how to get there, with whom to dive, where to sleep ...

There are some places that are really difficult to access and if you do not have the right info!

Example, how to get to Sipadan and where to sleep? Well, read the article you will see that we can not sleep in Sipadan and it's quite complicated to get there ...

# My opinion

So my profile and my feedback will not be suitable for everyone, but you can draw the information that interests you. In addition, I always try toe remain objective in relation to the diver profile (beginner, confirmed, experienced).

Information on the professional side of diving

I also had more and more questions about the professional side of diving, especially on to make divemaster but also become an instructor.

So I also add these two sections on the blog and in the same way, I share with you my experience and all the information I can have.

Good navigation !

I hope all this information you will be useful and help you in your research. feel free to share and comment on articles, but also to ask me your questions, I would try to answer between 2 dives 🙂

Good bubbles to all!

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