Diving in Moalboal is increasingly known to Philippines, especially for the possibility of seeing an incredible pewter bank ! You don't even need to diving club to go see them, they are 30 m from the edge and also accessible by snorkeling ! Others dives will rather happen towards Pescador island and are not the most beautiful in the country, prefer Bohol in the same region if you want to organize a diving stay in the Philippines.

Context: After working for 2 months at Malapascua, I wanted to do the best diving spots Philippines and Moalboal was on the list, of course.

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banc de sardines plongee moalboal philippines


sardines 3-min

  • Sardines season Moalboal : they are there all year long!
  • Snorkeling with sardines : very easy, they are at 20 m of edge and in 5 m of depth.
  • Diving in Moalboal The most beautiful are in Pescador island.
  • No French diving club.
  • To do around : Kawasan Falls and Canyoning.
  • Access : 3 hours from Cebu
Logo-plongeur-baroudeurRecommendations by category of divers:

> New diver : good compromise between nice corner and do a little diving, good for beginners (baptism and open water) because the conditions are good, not too expensive.
> Confirmed : nice but there are much better around Cebu (BoholPanglao / Balicasag or Padre Burgos). Sardine diving is fun to do.
> Experienced : nothing exceptional for you ...


Where is Moalboal

  • sunset moalboal 1Moalboal is a small town south of Cebu city on the West Coast.
  • The main beach, Panagsama beach (there is the sardine bank) brings together the main diving centers. It is 4km from the main road (150 pesos tricycle).
  • Life on the Panagsama page is calm, not a lot of animation, but you will find some bars where to spend nice moments (one eye jack for example).
  • Right next to Panagsama beach, you have White beach, beautiful beach where you can snorkel.

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kawasan falls 1

Canyoning and waterfall

The other attraction you can do near Moalboal is canyoning and / or visit Kawasan waterfalls.`



#Overview #Presentation #Sardines #Diving #Sites #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


When is the best time to see sardines from Moalboal?

  • Do not worry, the sardine season in Moalboal is: ALL YEAR !
  • They are accessible from the shore without a boat, so you can really go there when you want!
  • I recommend that you avoid the rainy season (July to August) and cyclones (October to December) for your comfort.

Where are the sardines of Moalboal?


  • Moalboal therefore has a huge bench of sardines (I don't know how many, but there are thousands!).
  • The bench is 20 m from the edge (where there are the boats on the photo) and go for a walk on about 200 m between 3 and 6 m deep.



Why are there sardines in Moalboal?

  • This school of sardines was previously on Pescador island.
  • PHow he came to take refuge on the coasts of Moalboal is still a mystery!
  • Similarly, why predators do not decimate the bench is another mystery. But in any case it is there and for our greatest pleasure!

Snorkeling or diving with Moalboal sardines?

sardines 3-min

  • It is easy to snorkel with the sardine bench, you have 20 m from the edge  and they are there at 3 m deep (see video)!
  • I'm a diver, so I preferred to dive with them. Even in 5 m depth, unless you are a very good freediver, it's still a lot more fun to move freely in the middle of the bench in the bottle.
  • For info, it is less known, but you have a bench of Sardines similar to Panglao, on the island of Bohol (see article here).

Sardine diving video Moalboal Philippines

Logo-plongeur-baroudeurThe good plan for cheap diving in Moalboal

  • If you have all your equipment, just go rent a bottle (and weights) Nelson's scuba diving (opposite Sea quest)!
  • It will cost you 300 pesos instead of 1000. No need for a guide to dive with sardines!

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#Overview #Presentation #Sardines #Diving #Sites #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


How is diving in Moalboal?

pescado- island-Moalboal-philippines

  • I did not dive in Moalboal, I only did the one with sardines. Again, a question of perspectives…
  • I asked my instructor friends for advice and with what I’ve seen before in the Philippines and elsewhere, they advised me not to dive in Moalboal to avoid being disappointed.

Pescador island

The dives are better at Pescador island than on the Moalboal coastSo leave to dive in Moalboal, go to Pescador island!

New divers

  • Already, you can pass your open water there, the conditions are good.
  • Then for your first dives you will not be disappointed.
  • The coral is healthy and the reefs are home to all kinds of fish and turtles.

Confirmed divers

  • sardines 2-minJust like for me, I think it's not worth diving here (even Pescador island).
  • Especially if you have planned other diving areas in the Philippines, like Panglao (Bohol), Malapascua, Apo island, Apo Reef….



#Overview #Presentation #Sardines #Diving #Sites #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


Map of dive sites Moalboal

carte sites de plongee moalboal philippines


The best Moalboal diving clubs

  • It has a dozen diving clubs in Moalboal.
  • I recommend you Sea quest or Cebu dive centerboth have a good reputation.

The right plan for diving with sardines: Nelson's scuba diving

If you have your equipment, just rent the bottle at home for 300 pesos and go!

French diving club in Moalboal

  • There are not to my knowledge of French-speaking diving club in Moalboal.
  • I advise you send an email before to check those who may have French speaking staff.
#Overview #Presentation #Sardines #Diving #Sites #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


kawasan falls 3

  • Then there are 2 areas in Panagsama beach, Panagsama "center", where we come from the main road and the "Quo vadis" area.
  • Basically from Panagsama center you walk along the beach right side, you pass the narrow streets and after 10 minutes you will arrive to the district of Quo vadis, the accommodations are cheaper, there are good restaurants and 1 nice bar (one eye shot).
  • Finally, I recommend the neighborhood of Quo vadis to accommodate, it is less expensive.


Cebu to Moalboal route

  • It's quite simple, the journey from Cebu city to Moalboal takes about 3 hours by bus from the south station.
  • Take the bus with air conditioning on the other hand, the one without air conditioning stops all the time to take people and it is much less comfortable !

carte comment aller a moalboal philippines

#Overview #Presentation #Sardines #Diving #Sites #Dive centers #Accommodation #Get to #My diving review


As an experienced diver if I hadn't done the pewter bank I will have recovered, it's not like diving with whale sharks anyway. After if you're in trip to the philippines and that you want to make the best of Visayas (around Cebu basically), yes it's worth going to Moalboal and combine the sardines with a little canyoning and walks around.

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